View the whole prototyping slides here on inVision

Problem statement

The digital world holds a bunch of resources for us to consume. The resources (articles, videos, etc) we store across multiple lists in the computer seem like the digital equivalent to endless piles of folders over our desks. While we hopefully keep up and digest the information, we also face another challenge of finding our resources effectively.

User Interviews & Survey

I made a survey and sent out via online community such as Facebook and Slack to gather some feedback. I targeted people who are around 24 to 35 age group. Some work in full/part time.


… Basically I have so many lists…

Todo app key screens

I was recently fortunate to be able to participate in an intensive product design course which was generously offered by Jasmine Friedl and Tanner Christensen. Through the course, I and the other participants received extensive feedback from the course facilitators and other designers, and I have applied that feedback to this case study of a prototype todo app.

Todo apps are widely used, but different users use the apps differently depending on their particular needs. In order to identify the problems faced by users of todo apps, I conducted research to develop an understanding of the market and users’ needs.

You can see the prototype here or the all the slides.

KEEP app — iOS & web app

View a demo video of this prototype. Password: KEEP


It’s never been easier to learn something new from your home or on the go. But the staggering amount of available content sources makes it hard to cut through the noise and keep focusing on specific goals. The market is lacking a go-to customizable tool that can help people learn, retain, and see their progress toward a goal.


Design both mobile and web applications that help users continue learning based on their choices, interest, and time. Users can save content, keep records of what they learn, and schedule reminders for themselves…

King Kog Bike redesign concept

Password: bike

View a demo video of this prototype (website).

View a demo video of this prototype (responsive — mobile).


King Kog* has a small, loyal following within the cycling industry but the company is struggling to attract new customers. In order to expand to new locations across the country, the business needs a vibrant facelift and site that welcomes and encourages users to join their biking community.


The website needs to be revamped to clearly highlight the variety of products and services King Kog can offer its customers.

In order to attract new customers and encourage them to come…

DignityMeal key screens

View a demo video of this prototype. Password: meal


A large amount of food is thrown away daily while many people live in poverty without access to nutritious food.


Design a mobile application that brings the community together to reduce food waste and help those in need. The app will match food donors with volunteers in their local areas to redistribute the food in a timely, safe, and useful way.


Hunger and poverty affect far too great a portion of the population. The U.S. Houhsehold Food Secuiry said in 2014 that more than 48.1 million people are struggling against hunger…

Rdio — MusicConnect

View a demo video of this prototype. Click me. Password: music


Expand the social functionality of a music streaming app (Rdio*) by enabling music lovers to simultaneously listen to songs with their close friends.

Target user

Music lovers who use online streaming websites and apps to listen to music and want to share this experience with their close friends.


The digital music market is moving from downloads towards streaming services across the world. It is seeing big gains in user and subscriber numbers. …

Demo video here. Click me. Password: AMMA


Patients with Asthma often fail to routinely self-monitor their symptoms, even though it’s critical to their health.


Design a mobile app that allows and encourages Asthma patients to regularly monitor their symptoms and get up-to-date information.


Asthma has affected more than 230 million people worldwide. It is a common chronic disease of the inflammation of the airways in the lungs and affects approximately 25.9 million Americans. The numbers are increasing daily and gradually causing a major burden worldwide on all aspects of the global healthcare system. …

Good Market is one of my learning projects on my way of exploring UI/UX as a beginner. Without further ado, here are some briefs.

Test Objectives: I created a high-fidelity prototype of Good Market online grocery shopping site and wanted to find out how users/testers use this website and if they are able to complete small tasks assigned.

Methodologies: Two ways: 1. On-site testing (Using the inVision) & 2. remote testing and with a questionnaire preapred from typeform 3. Online user testing such as usabilityhub and verifyapp.

Usability goals are to find out A. if the user finds it convenient…

Lineu-key screenshot

As most people might have guessed by its name, it’s about waiting in line. I have this in mind for having been observing some facts in Taiwan. People seem to embrace the idea of waiting in long line, especially at restaurants. Most restaurants offer reservations while also reserve certain seats for people who pay a visit at site. The latter will be my main focus for this case study. …

ann chichi

ui ux designer / / I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan and currently working in Victoria, BC Canada :D

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