Are Mail Order Brides Illegal — Find the Answer in the Article

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11 min readMar 21, 2024
Mail Order Brides legal

There are many people online questioning the possibility of finding a foreign mail order bride online and making it possible to date you. It sounds even more absurd if we’re talking about two different countries.

We want it fast, secure, and smooth. The world of mail order bride dating can offer just that. We’re here to tell you about the possibilities available through mail order bride agencies. Are mail order spouse illegal? Read on to find out.

6 Best legit international dating platforms

One of the hardest tasks is finding a proper site with genuine functionality, zero scams, and various functions. There is no one perfect website for your needs. Perfection is a non-existent concept in the modern role, but many strive to be near immaculate.

They attain it through various pros, so there are many ways you can choose to start your adventure:

  • JollyRomance is the safest and most valid site. It attained this status due to its verification status for all users who find it necessary. And trust us, you want that status because it increases the interest of girls around you.
  • BravoDate is amazing for communicating with ladies from Eastern Europe. You can send them gifts, write a poem, or describe her god-like curves. Use advanced search to pick the eye candy of your dreams.
  • EasternHoneys suits you if you want to uncover the world of exotic dating. This is the dating service that ruins cross-cultural boundaries and unites people not by their matching qualities but by differences.
  • TheLuckyDate is perfect if you want a great algorithm for finding a match. Modern technologies allow for using AI-based functions. TheLuckyDate handles its matches the best, but you need to make sure that your information is extremely precise.
  • La-Date is amazing for making the first steps. You can chat with ladies online without expecting obligations like marrying or considering a house for two.
  • UkraineBrides4you is perfect for dating Ukrainian women. It is still possible even despite the recent events surrounding this nation with the flag of blue and yellow. Ukrainian brides are much better than Russian women.

Where to find legal mail order spouses?

Mail order brides legal or illegal are the new dilemma nowadays. Our planet is abounding with limitless numbers of perfect brides. All you need is a place to start and a bit of luck. There are many ways to do it legally.

Hardcore people prefer doing it the old-fashioned way and simply traveling to the destination and finding places filled with gorgeous women. Others prefer online dating, as it brings a fancy catalog filling all of your needs. Which option to choose is up to you.


In our hectic world, the question of where to find mail order spouses sometimes puts potential spouses at a loss. And really, how do people get to know each other at this pace of life when sometimes there is no time to sleep?

Mail order bride services are of great help. Now it’s difficult to find a person who is socially active and doesn’t have a personal page in at least one virtual network. If you pay attention, many girls are constantly taking pictures just to put the most successful photos on Instagram or Facebook.

So it’s time to conquer the heart of your future spouse on the expanses of Internet chat rooms:

  • It is possible to immediately assess the appearance of mail order spouses.
  • Virtual page — a real treasure trove of personal information about hobbies and favorite places in town.
  • To write a message on a social network is much easier than a real conversation so that here to find a wife will be able for even the most hardened introvert.
  • You can take photos and talk to a girl about understanding if your life goals coincide. This is one of the first things you do on mail order bride services.

1. JollyRomance

Jolly Romance

Jolly Romance features a large database with women. They want to meet and date an intriguing and trustworthy man for relationships. There are many respectable and gorgeous women, and you seldom have the opportunity to meet them all in one location in real life. This dating site costs is not that high.

The website has an easy-to-use interface with everything well-labeled and understandable. It offers all of the required tools to suit customers’ social demands, whether it’s casual conversations or long-distance romances. Numerous single women pick up this dating service.

2. La-Date


With a consumer-friendly layout, informative articles released regularly, and perfectly built and straightforward profile catalogs, LaDate is one of the most truly competitive dating sites. It only takes a few seconds to register.

Before registering, each user receives ample information about the pairing process, fees, and security measures at no cost.

3. TheLuckyDate


It’s a great international marriage broker. This website was created for the top mail order bride industry. Of course, if you aren’t looking for something serious, you may speak with ladies. Many women want to get to know an interesting person and interact with him, but that is all they want.

You’ll also discover family-oriented ladies here if you’re eager to make a fresh start. Is mail order brides legal here? They are, but you need to do some talking to attract women living abroad.

Traveling to a country

How do you 100% see whether mail order spouses are illegal? The old-fashioned way to meet is to go looking for a bride in a certain country. You do it without an international marriage broker. But how do you pick the perfect place?

Unfortunately, we have no official statistics that would show exactly where the good wives go and where the femme fatale will break your heart. So every case is different, and you can meet your future companion anywhere. But we’ll still take the responsibility to advise you on a few places where you should look carefully at the girls:

The gym

Let’s go straight to the trumps. The gym is one of the most appropriate places to start looking for a future companion. At the very least, you can appreciate her physical skills, and she can appreciate yours.

Plus, in the gym, it is very easy to start a conversation with someone. You can just walk up to a girl and tell her that she has cool abs and admire her willpower.

looking for a bride

Public transportation

Mail order brides entering public transport might be life-changing. Therefore, there is no more random place to meet than on public transport. However, starting a conversation with a foreign woman on the subway or bus is much more difficult than in other places. This is where you have to be smart and delicate.

The surroundings of your place

Strangely enough, you can meet your foreign wife near the hostel. Although it is a little archaic, which is included in the category of exceptions, as we have mentioned, your fate can meet in the most random place. Mail order marriages work that way.

What laws affect mail order brides?

Even though many legit mail order bride sites talk about buying legitimate mail order bride, you don’t pay the price for your female slave. You pay for a chance to meet your future spouse, including the additional costs covering travel, food, etc. If protection is what interests you, then look up international marriage broker regulation.

You have to remember that foreign mail order brides are living human beings, and they will not tolerate being trampled upon. She might consider divorcing if you’re looking for another lover, or you can discuss a polyamorous relationship to get a win-win situation.

Regardless, those women are foreign spouses, so they need a K-1 visa and the legitimate mail order bride legislations of the country, including IMBRA and VAWA. More on those acts below.

Mail order bride regulations across the world

The main point about mail order brides is that they are foreigners, and there is nothing illegal about marrying foreign women. However, someone tries to do so for the sake of acquiring citizenship or gaining money.

Many countries are meticulous about allowing mail order marriages, but remember that nothing beats true love. No, we are not banal, we just know that boundaries are obscured for foreign spouses.

🇺🇸 Mail order bride legality in the USA

Are mail order brides legal in the USA? Yes, online dating immigrants, particularly mail order brides, are permitted in the US, but only if you don’t explicitly indicate that your prospective spouse is one of the foreign brides on dating sites.

Foreign brides from dating services are still seen by the US legal system as women who engage men without first establishing a true connection with them. Don’t be explicit about mail order marriages.

🇬🇧 Legality in the UK

Mail order bride legality is sometimes challenged in the United Kingdom. However, there are a few limitations. That is also why the United Kingdom is the finest place for legal mail order brides. The license is the only stumbling block you’ll face.

A marriage visitor visa is required for a mail order bride abroad to travel to the United Kingdom and marry a British person. This visa differs from others because it does not allow you to remain in the country. Mail order brides legality doesn’t make you avoid basic laws.

🇨🇦 Legality in Canada

Are mail order brides legal in Canada? Although Canadian rules on mail order brides are not as strict as those in the United States, there are still certain things to be aware of. A mail order bride’s boyfriend must endorse her admission into one’s own country.

The cost to get to a foreign country is around $1,000 for her and $150 for each of her children. Furthermore, your wedding must take place within the first two years. Consequently, your partner may face deportation from the United States. To be considered for sponsoring a mail order bride, you must demonstrate that you can afford to support her for at least the first three years.

🌐 Legality in other countries

When it comes to formal rules and bride pricing, mail order brides platforms have you covered. The majority of people do not restrict marriage brokers from operating and do not throw any barriers for legit mail order bride. The United States of America has granted governmental protection to mail order brides who have arrived in the nation. This case demonstrates how mail order brides work.

Divorce rate among mail order brides

Statistically speaking, it has been confirmed that the divorce rate for mail order brides is lower than for an average woman. It is rather simple to explain such a phenomenon. Nobody pressures you to fit the needs of local women.

There is no need to seem likable, you meet the person who fits you, you talk, you spend some time together, and you get married if everything goes smoothly. People try those international mail order bride sites accepting that their partner might have a whole different mindset concerning religion, career, family, etc. Those couples know mail order brides illegal is not real.

international mail order bride

A place for mail brides to find a foreign husband

The best way mail brides can meet their husbands is by creating an account on any dating site. This is the best way to do so because international brides are safe from stalkers, incels, and plain horrible men. Everyone knows that mail order brides services do verification for all new accounts. That helps to identify whether men intend to date or are just here to stare at some private photos.

Moreover, the best legit mail order bride websites are specialized in organizing online dating and marriage without the couple sweating the details about marriage, laws, visa, etc. You can get a consultation from marriage brokers, so you’re never taking a shot in the dark.

International dating: Acts, rules, and recommendations for marrying in the US

As we were saying, it’s best to get a consultant to introduce the ins and outs of marital laws concerning foreigners. You need to find out whether mail order brides are illegal. Our world is evolving, and it concerns rights, as well. Marriage brokers help women have many perks when it comes to safe marriage in another country.

After all, it is about the pair being satisfied with everything, and you need a person to help you with a bit of research. The marriage broker regulation act is not a joke. Let’s take a look at the most widespread acts, helping only women to feel safe and sound.



Broker regulation act IMBRA, enacted in 2005, aims to safeguard immigrants, particularly foreign fiancé(e)s and wives, by alerting them of their basic protection rights and their sponsored spouse’s illegal or domestic abuse history.

The IMBRA Law Act is significant because many immigrants arrive in the United States without a good command of the English tongue and are often isolated from their family and friends, making it more difficult for them to file complaints from their foreign husbands or to know where to seek aid.


The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was a major piece of regulation in the United States that aimed to enhance criminal law and society’s reactions to domestic abuse, marital rape, sexual misconduct, and harassment.

The adoption of VAWA in 1994, as well as its subsequent reauthorizations in 2000, 2005, and 2013, has altered the scene for sufferers who had previously stayed silent. Legal cases involving mail order brides United States always bring up this act.

Final word

Are mail order spouses real? They are completely acceptable. You can meet an overseas bride through an international marriage agency or Asian brides dating sites, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, or any other part of the globe, and if your connection is real and authentically legit, you can bring your foreign bride to your nation.

You can marry foreign women and bring them to your nation lawfully as long as such a relationship is genuine, there is no domestic violence in your marriage, and your mail order bride has no criminal past in her native country. Such a way ensures happy lives.


  1. What website is legit to find a mail order wife?

There isn’t just one perfect site to set in and begin your free choices. Mail order bride sites differ in what they can bring to the table, and you make the most suited choice. However, we cannot just recommend any legit mail order bride websites. If you need some starter mail order brides sites, you can navigate our top dating sites list in the article.

2. Are mail order brides legal in the United States?

Yes, mail order brides are legal in the US. This includes Asian brides as well. The catch is that you need to position your foreign woman as a simple foreign bride without referring to her as a wife from a dating site. That way, her actions depend on the law concerning foreigners. United States marriage agencies are a real thing.

3. Are mail order spouse illegal or legit?

Most international dating websites are legit and offer stunning foreign beauties. However, some international dating sites create a fake catalog of pretty women and then use bots to communicate with users. That way, they try to pique your attention for you to spend precious credits. International marriage agencies, however, are genuine, and you should try them out.

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