7 Best Countries to Find a Wife in 2024

Ann Young
12 min readMar 19, 2024
Best Countries to Find a Wife

It is known that there are more than three billion women in the world, and many of them marry or want to marry foreigners. According to the statistics, 55% of women in mixed couples in the US are foreign wives.

But the question arises: What are the best countries to find a wife? We did research about foreign brides and chose up to 10 best countries to find a wife. So, if you wish to know where and how to find a foreign wife, read the material below.

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Best countries to find a wife

Until recently, the best countries to find love were Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asian countries.

No wonder one of the most beautiful ladies who become loyal wives and soulmates lives in these locations. But this list has been supplemented with women from Eastern European countries, as the number of visitors to this region has grown in recent years. So what are the best countries to find a wife — we will show you next.

#1. Ukraine 🇺🇦


If you want to have an ambitious, beautiful foreign wife, ladies from Ukraine are at the top of this list. Foremost, they are well-educated, flexible, and family-oriented. Ukrainians are the best nationality to marry because they know a lot about running a household. At the same time, these foreign brides often have promising careers so that they can be economically independent of their husbands.

In relationships, Ukraine mail order wives like to be protected and confident in their love. You should show your passion through compliments, help, and support. When dating such a girl, you should show respect and demonstrate your intelligence and curiosity for life and what is happening around you, as well as in the girl herself.

In addition, Ukrainian women always look stylish and never miss an opportunity to show off their appearance, so don’t hesitate to acknowledge this fact to please them.

  • Female population — 22 million (53.7%)
  • Average marriage age — 25.9 y.o.
  • Cost of visiting this country — $1244

#2. The Philippines 🇵🇭

The Philippines

Filipinas are the women who most often migrate to the US as foreign mail order brides. Because of their calmness, kindness, and ability to rule family affairs, the Philippines is one of the best countries to find a loyal wife.

It’s known that family is one of the primary aspects of social life for Filipino brides, so if you decide to find a foreign wife there, be prepared to demonstrate full respect for the tradition of maintaining close relationships with Filipino relatives. Likewise, it means your wife will take care of your family from A to Z, as they used to do this perfectly.

Another thing you should know is that Filipino girls don’t like public displays of affection; it’s a kind of taboo in this region. If a lady decides you are a good match for her, you must go through the approval of her family. Usually, this is just a formality showing the seriousness of your foreign bride’s intentions.

  • Female population — 55 million (49.8%)
  • Average marriage age — 25.3 y.o.
  • Cost of visiting this country — $1949

#3. Thailand 🇹🇭

If you’re looking for the best country to find a wife overseas — Thailand is the perfect chooise. Thai girls are cheerful and easy-going, very beautiful, and open-minded, so marriage with one of a foreign bride is an excellent investigation into your happiness.

These Asian ladies are so exotic and gorgeous that every Western man considers Thailand the best country to marry a woman like that. One more thing that attracts foreign men to marry Thai ladies is that it is not a problem for a foreign girl to marry an older man, so most marriages are between people with a large age difference.

What is beneficial is that Thailand is open to people from different countries, so it’s the best country to meet a woman without prejudice to origin.

  • Female population — 35 million (51.3%)
  • Average marriage age — 21 y.o.
  • Cost of visiting this country — $1397

#4. Poland 🇵🇱


If you are searching for the best country to find a foreign wife from all the European countries, pay attention to Poland. Polish girls are practical, frank, and direct in their desires and words. Family plays a significant role in women’s lives; there is a tradition of supporting financially newly formed families, which may be a significant background for the future.

When it comes to dating and marriage, Polish ladies have common dating traditions with other Western countries. Note that Poles are very patriotic, so you shouldn’t express any negative statements related to their country’s customs and life, at least on the first date.

Polish couples have traditional bridal roles and a conservative Catholic influence on the way they date and get married. This means that you will not live together before marriage, and you will have a wedding ceremony in a church followed by a reception with many guests. Still, it’s not about all Polish girls, because many of them are pretty Westernized.

  • Female population — 19 million (51.5%)
  • Average marriage age — 27 y.o.
  • Cost of visiting this country — $1109

#5. Brazil 🇧🇷


If you wonder what is the best country to find a wife, Brazil is at the top of the list. More than 700 K-1 visas were from this country in 2022.

What are the reasons why Brazilian ladies are so popular among Western men? Firstly, they are very beautiful women with tempting shapes who care about how they look, so they are always well-dressed and smell delicious. Secondly, they will be positive, cheerful, confident, and friendly with you and your friends in any situation.

Besides, these women are very passionate and emotional with many verbal expressions. That’s why you should do your best on the date to get such a gorgeous girl. Be confident and clear in your statements and desires, and express your feelings with hugs, kisses, and snuggles (Brazilian mail order brides like tactile contact). Don’t behave like jealous, rude people, and be generous — this way, you will be successful in finding a wife overseas.

  • Female population — 108 million (50%)
  • Average marriage age — 30 y.o.
  • Cost of visiting this country — $1488

#6. China 🇨🇳


China is one of the great Asian countries with a fundamental culture and traditions, which counts 690 million females in its population. It may be the best place to find a wife, as Chinese women are famous for their supportive and calm nature and full respect for their husbands. But it doesn’t mean that these ladies are always satisfied and never contradict their husbands; on the contrary, they are strong and independent women with a practical approach to their lives and general well-being. Moreover, they like to have their opinions taken into account and respected.

The best way to find a foreign wife in China is through online dating sites; around 44% of females use dating apps to meet new people. Another reason for the popularity of online dating is that, due to their conservative upbringing, young Chinese women must hide their sexual and romantic relationships from their parents (it’s easier to do this online).

  • Female population — 701 million (48.9%)
  • Average marriage age — 24.9 y.o.
  • Cost of visiting this country — $1235

#7. Colombia 🇨🇴


Colombia is the leader among Latin American countries migrating to the United States on a K-1 visa. Columbia is also one of the best countries to meet a wife who will be smart, joyful, positive, and grateful. These expressive women love to enjoy life, do spontaneous things, and gather in a large company for weekends or celebrations.

To impress a Columbian girl, you should be confident, decent, and faithful in relationships. They will respect your decision and support you in everything because family is the most important value for them. In general, it is the best country to find a loyal wife.

You will never have problems dating Colombian girls, as they know how to love and express it with touches, kisses, and other contacts. Despite the influence of Catholicism, many women are ready to live without a formal wedding and test relationships for a long time.

  • Female population — 26 million (50%)
  • Average marriage age — 22.7 y.o.
  • Cost of visiting this country — $1100

Why do women want to marry a foreigner?

There are no clear criteria related to the women’s desire to marry foreign men. Foremost, love is unpredictable, and you may find your soulmate in your hometown or hundreds of miles away. Similarly, relationships and preferences for men are quite individual for each woman. But we will try to summarize the reasons why women from the best countries to meet a wife want to marry a foreigner.

foreign woman

The attitude toward women in relations

Traditionally, all the countries on the list have patriarchal societies where men are the head of the family, and all critical decisions are made under his control. Although this practice is no longer so common and modern families have equal relationships, these restrictions are still present, especially in Latin countries, and can make life difficult for women.

The manners of communication

Women like Western men because they are more generous, intelligent, and respectful in their dealings with women. Good manners and cultural behavior distinguish foreign men from local men.

Partnership in households

It is more common for Western men, especially in European countries, to do some laundry, wash the dishes, or buy products for the week than for men from other countries. A foreign husband from a Western country will effortlessly help her loyal wife with the house without being judged or accused, which often happens to other men.

Take responsibility for daily childcare

Many Western men are heavily involved in their children’s daily lives, not only taking them to school and sometimes asking how they are doing but also being willing to dress, feed, and solve their problems. Moreover, more than 60% of men are ready to take care of their firstborn children and take paternity leave.

More self-dependence

Being married to foreign men can have many advantages in self-expression and personal development. Western husbands encourage their foreign mail-order brides to look for work, improve their skills, care for their health and body, etc.

These are some of the main reasons women want to marry a foreigner, but they are not limited to this list.

foreign woman

What are the qualities of an ideal wife?

There are many standards and expectations about what qualities a loyal wife should have. But, to tell the truth, they don’t work in all cases, cultures, and families because they are quite subjective. Nevertheless, we identify several traits and behavioral factors that distinguish some wives in mail-order bride countries from others:

  • True love and passion. Most men still believe in love relationships and consider it the basis for a strong and happy family. Also, they want to have some point of admiration for their personality.
  • The clarity in expressing thoughts and desires. The fact: Men don’t understand hints. They want a loyal wife to explain her demands and wishes in the clearest way possible to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Initiatives. Even though men like to control and manage everything, they do not want their wives to be infantilized by the way events in their lives develop.
  • Taking care of herself. Men love with eyes, so they want to be satisfied with what they see. It does not mean foreign wives should always wear total makeup, heels, and expensive clothes. But a neat appearance is an important point.
  • Be detail-oriented. Men like to know that women have everything under their control in the house, kids, and family. For the most part, the wives bring comfort and happiness to the family.

This list can be complemented with other traits and characteristics which are important for every unique person.

foreign woman

How to find a foreign wife?

You may find your spouse by chance on vacations overseas or at a workplace, or you can make some preparations and follow several steps to get a foreign wife. What actions you should provide exactly to find a wife read further:

  • Register on dating platforms for international relationships. There are many options on the market. Choose those that have the largest catalog of users from the region you are interested in to find a wife.
  • Determinate your ideal partner. Think about the age, appearance, personality traits, hobbies, and interests that need to match to make you a perfect couple.
  • Initiate first contact with several ladies. Don’t limit yourself to just one woman at the search stage. Communicate with several foreign brides to understand which one is the most suitable.
  • Communicate to know all the details. It is better to spend some time chatting to know each other better and to make a deep emotional connection.
  • Visit her country. It is the most responsible and the most expensive step. If you are interested in a girl, you should meet her in real life to compare your expectations with reality and to pass your relationship to the next level.
  • Make sure the intentions and feelings are sincere. Find out what the girl’s expectations of marriage are and whether she has love feelings for you. Note: It is worth asking about this during online communication, but it is easier to detect omissions and insincerity in real life.
  • Start the wedding preparations. Decide where you want to live, arrange common conditions of accommodation, clear up financial possibilities, and organize the wedding ceremony.

Moreover, love each other and enjoy every day together, but don’t forget to file a K-1 visa petition.

foreign woman


There you have it! The best countries to find love with detailed profiles of brides. With this information, you will know which nationality makes the best wives, as well as what to expect from the dating process with foreign wives. So grab the spoon and search for your spouse overseas!


Can I find overseas brides legally?

Yes, of course, it is perfectly legal to date someone from another country and marry a foreign bride. You can use online dating sites to meet and date foreign girls, as well as travel to her country. But you must go through the process of obtaining a K-1 visa to bring your wife to the United States legally; otherwise, you can stay in her country and live there together.

What country has the best wives?

There is no precise answer to this question, as everything depends on your preferences, traits, spouse’s character, and life values. But there is a list of the most popular mail order bride countries, and the Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, Brazil, Columbia, and other Latin countries are at the top of the list of those wishing to marry a foreigner.

Which nationality makes the best wives?

Filipinos are considered the best nationality to marry a foreign girl, as they are calm, caring, and supportive. Also, they are a family-oriented nation with a traditional family structure and division of duties, which is one of the main reasons Western men choose to find a wife overseas.

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