Japanese Mail Order Brides

Ann Young
7 min readMar 15, 2024
Japanese Mail Order Brides

Japanese brides are among the most exotic options for American men seeking international marriage, but their popularity gradually increased before the pandemic.

In fact, the number of Japanese ladies who received K-1 fiance visas to enter the US increased from 508 in 2010 to 541 in 2019, signifying a steadily growing popularity of American-Japanese marriages.

However, with under 30 K-2 visa applications per year, only around 5% of Japanese brides bring their children to the US, which is much lower than an average of around 14% among mail order brides.

So what makes Japanese women so popular among Americans? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Key facts about Japanese brides

  • Popular cities to find Japanese brides — Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Kyoto
  • Average age of brides — 29 years old
  • Best Japanese dating site — SakuraDate
  • How to win Japanese women’s hearts — Show respect for their culture, be polite, and be financially independent
  • Average cost of Japanese brides — $4700 — $11300

Why choose Japanese girls for marriage?

Japanese Bride

Although generalizations can only do Japanese women a disservice, as each is perfect in her uniqueness, we can highlight a few universal traits that appeal to Americans. These include:

  • Exotic beauty. Porcelain skin, dark eyes, and dark straight hair are only a few of the typical traits. Most Japanese girls have slight stature and are pretty short, which can be both a benefit and a drawback for men.
  • Cultural diversity. With a Japanese wife, your home will become open to her culture, language, cuisine, traditions, and more.
  • Impeccable manners. Due to centuries of cultural conditioning, Japanese women are highly respectful towards men and authority figures. They may seem cold at first glance, but usually, Japanese girls act reserved with strangers, showing their witty and fun sides to their friends and loved ones.
  • Self-discipline and moderation. Most Japanese women prefer tidiness, cleanliness, and restraint due to their upbringing. They are also incredibly self-disciplined, which helps them manage work-life balance even with multiple kids.

Finding a Japanese woman to marry is a good choice if these are the traits you seek in a romantic partner or wife.

Why do Japanese brides seek Western men?

Just like Japanese men get more interested in girls from China, Vietnam, or the Philippines, Japanese girls are looking into international marriage to find the men of their dreams. According to our research of multiple surveys, Japanese women seek men who are:

  • Affectionate and family-minded. Aside from kindness and calm manner, Japanese girls seek men interested in getting married, having kids, and becoming caring husbands and fathers.
  • Mature and masculine. Although many Japanese girls prefer slim and muscular brunettes, most value traditional masculine looks and fashion sense many local men lack.
  • Successful and supportive. Japan is a prosperous country, and women are as much a part of the workforce as men, but they still appreciate a man who makes money and is willing to spend it on his lady. Japanese girls often believe Western men to be more generous than local guys.

Of course, these preferences are generalized, and as you meet Japanese ladies, you’ll need to learn their particular likes and dislikes in due time.

How to meet Japanese women for marriage?

Although there’s always a chance to meet a single Japanese girl through common acquaintances or on a business trip, four out of five international marriages in the US start with online dating. If you choose this route, you’ll need to complete a few essential steps:

  1. Research Asian dating sites and create an appealing profile.
  2. Screen Japanese girls and focus on two or three of the best matches.
  3. Keep the relationship going through chat, email, video calls, and virtual and real gifts.
  4. Meet in person in Japan, the US, or elsewhere.
  5. Propose and plan a wedding in Japan or the US.
  6. Help your bride move to the US, arrange visa application, travel, and shipping.

If you want to get married on American soil, remember that K-1 fiance visas give you 90 days to formalize your relationship. However, you may apply for a marriage certificate and host the ceremony later.

Japanese Bride

How much does a Japanese mail order bride cost?

The cost of dating and marrying a Japanese girl isn’t much different from local dating expenses, though the things you spend money on are different. The four significant spending categories include:

  1. International dating site fees. For example, with EasternHoneys, you get 750 credits for $149.99, buying you over 250 messages or 360 minutes of live chat. And if you choose TheLuckyDate, you get 80,000 credits for $179, which you can spend on 400 minutes of live chat or around 270 messages. Multiply the fee by the number of months, and you’ll get your overall expenses on dating sites.
  2. In-person meetings. If you choose to meet in Japan, airfare and hotel stay will be your biggest expenses, though transportation, entertainment, and presents will also increase the bottom line. On average, a two-week trip will cost from $4,500 to $9,000.
  3. Visa and immigration fees. The total cost includes Form I-129, embassy fees, adjustment of status, medical exam, etc. If you take care of the paperwork without professional help, the expenses will be around $2,300. Immigration attorneys will charge extra, and you’ll need a budget to cover your bride’s trip to the US and the shipping cost of her belongings.
  4. Wedding ceremony. Although you can get a marriage license for under $100 in most states, an elaborate wedding ceremony can cost from $15,000 to $45,000, depending on your preferences, location, guest list, etc.

Although the overall cost may seem dire, there are always ways to cut expenses to ensure that dating a Japanese girl fits your budget.

Is it legal to buy a Japanese mail-order bride?

You can’t pay a fixed sum of money and get a Japanese mail-order wife. That’s just another common myth about the modern mail-order bride business.

Some may argue that the phrase “bride cost” is too widely used to refer to nothing. Well, I can’t help but agree. But in reality, this is just an archaic expression from the past of the industry. Now it refers to the total sum of money that a man spends on online dating, trips, and visas but never on the bride herself.

Is it possible to bring a Japanese wife to the US?

Yes, of course. All Asian mail-order brides, including Japanese women, can legally marry men they’ve met online or offline. Basically, they have to do all the same things that all other marriage migrants who are going to start a family in the United States have to do, namely:

  1. Apply for a K-1 visa by submitting the official request at the US embassy (must be followed by the US citizen’s petition for a visa for their foreign partner).
  2. Collect all the documents (from birth certificates and passports to medical exams) and pay all the fees (usually, up to $1,000).
  3. Provide evidence their relationship is genuine and that they’ve met their partner in real life and get interviewed.
  4. Wait until a visa is granted and enter the United States.
  5. Get married within 90 days after the arrival.

The entire process will definitely be time-consuming. It usually takes 6–12 months to get this visa, but once it’s approved and the couple is married, the wife can soon apply for adjustment status.

How to communicate with a Japanese woman

Japanese society isn’t as homogeneous and closed as it was decades and centuries ago. Many Westerners are surprised to know how similar local dating culture may be to most Western cultures, but it would be wrong to deny differences either.

So, here are some key facts about Japanese dating and Japanese women’s preferences that will help you avoid most mistakes and make a good impression on your potential partner.

  • Tons of communication online is usually required before you get closer to one another.
  • Manners really matter, and impoliteness or disrespect won’t be tolerated. If you say something wrong, you are likely to be ghosted.
  • A strong interest in Japanese culture may be your advantage over other men.
  • Try to forget all the stereotypes about Japan. Let yourself draw your own conclusions.
  • Parents’ opinion matters a lot, so you need to show that they and their daughter can rely on you.

Also, Japanese women don’t like it when men on dating sites fetishize them. Starting dirty talk at the early stages of communication is actually the worst thing a guy can do when searching for a partner from Japan online.

Expert’s take

Lovely Japanese girls are gaining popularity among Americans, as they should. If you can get past the high dating expenses and cultural differences, marrying a Japanese woman will be the best thing to ever happen to you.

And online dating platforms make it easy and safe to meet, date, and fall in love with gorgeous Japanese singles.

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