Thai Mail Order Brides: Costs, Legit Sites, Tips

Ann Young
5 min readMar 15, 2024
Thai Mail Order Brides

Thai brides are incredibly popular when it comes to international dating. In fact, Thailand is one of the most popular Asian countries in this regard — and the number of mail order brides from this country is increasing.

Thus, in 2010, there were 765 new K-1 visa holders from Thailand and 9 years after that, in 2019, this number increased to 855. It’s also interesting that many Thai women already have children when they get married to American men. In 2019, for example, 124 K-2 visas were issued, which means 14.5% of Thai brides entered the country with their children.

Key facts about Thai brides

  • Popular cities to find Thai brides — Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Phuket
  • Average age of brides — 20 years old
  • Best Thai dating site — SakuraDate
  • How to win Thai women’s hearts — Be polite, be nice to her family, and make her feel special
  • Average cost of Thai brides — $1700 — $2700

Why choose Thai women for marriage?

Thai Mail Order Bride

There are several reasons why Thai brides are worth dating, so here are some of them.

  • First of all, Thai women are incredibly beautiful. Even if you don’t think that Asian women are “exotic”, you still can’t deny that most Thai ladies have a petite body type, cute faces, and a great sense of style.
  • They are loyal to their husbands. In Thai culture, a woman must be faithful to her partner, even though their men are not as loyal.
  • They are more traditional when it comes to their views on family and gender roles. Thus, Thai ladies are generally more family-centered, shy, and calm than Western ladies.

Why do Thai brides seek Western men?

Of course, every woman you meet online may have her own reasons to sign up on a mail order bride website, but in general, they all are driven by these factors:

  • Most Thai brides want to find a man who would be loyal to them, respect them, and treat them as equals. This is not something uncommon in the Western world, but in Thailand, most men are still pretty old-fashioned, for example, they often think that cheating is ok for a man. Obviously, this makes modern, young, and educated Thai girls sign up on dating sites and search for a foreign man.
  • For some of them, it’s about economic factors. Thailand isn’t the poorest country in the region, obviously, but it’s impossible to deny that the quality of life is much higher in the United States. Therefore, many ladies want to get a better life for themselves and for their children, and that’s why they start searching for a foreign partner.
  • They simply seek love. Love is unpredictable and can be found anywhere, which is why Thai girls broaden their search and look for potential husbands abroad.

Of course, there are many other reasons why these women seek Western men, so if you are curious about those, feel free to ask a Thai girl about it yourself.

How to find Thai mail order brides?

Thai Bride

Wondering how to find Thai brides? It’s not that difficult in 2023. Thanks to online dating apps, you can do it without even leaving your home. So here’s a step-by-step guide for you:

  • Choose a trusted dating website and sign up on it. Read all the expert reviews you can find in order to choose a dating app with a good reputation and (preferably) with an ID verification tool.
  • Make your profile stand out from the crowd. It’s highly recommended to upload your best photos and write an interesting profile bio to get more profile views and messages from Thai brides.
  • Chat with the ladies and use all the messaging tools available. You’ll most likely need to buy a premium subscription or/and credits to chat with Thai ladies because most of these apps are not free to use.
  • Go to Thailand, meet that girl in person, propose to her, and bring her to the United States. This step is pretty easy to understand, yet make sure to do all the paperwork correctly.

We hope these tips will be useful for you, so go ahead and start looking for your Thai girlfriend.

How much does a Thai mail order bride cost?

You can’t “buy” a bride, obviously.

However, you’ll still have to pay for several things such as a premium subscription to a dating website or a K-1 visa fee. Therefore, here’s the cost breakdown for you.

  • Dating site subscription. A monthly premium subscription to a dating website will cost you around $200. Let’s take a look at two popular Thai dating sites, EasternHoneys and TheLuckyDate: they all have a credit system but the price is different.
    On TheLuckyDate, for example, you’ll pay $0.22 for 100 credits if you buy the largest credit package — in this case, 1 minute of a live chat will cost you only $0.44 (200 credits), and sending an email will cost you $2.2 (for the first email) and $6.6 (for all the following emails).
    On Eastern Honeys, you’ll pay $150 for 750 credits (the largest package) which is $0.2 per credit. This means sending 1 email will cost you $2 (for the first one) and $6 (for the following ones).
  • Transportation. A flight from the US to Thailand will cost you around $800-$1,000 (round trip).
  • Accommodation. A 2-week trip to Thailand will cost around $700-$1,000 (mid-range budget).
  • Visa. The k-1 visa fee for your girlfriend is going to cost $2,040 ($800 for the visa, $1,140 for adjustment of status, and $100 for biometrics)


Thai brides are definitely worth it. They are incredibly hot and loyal, they are shy (well, at least shyer than Western ladies), and they have traditional values when it comes to family and relationships.

So I highly recommend dating them online because it’s cheaper, faster, and more convenient than meeting them on the streets of Bangkok.

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