In the startup world you want to be a painkiller and not a vitamin. A painkiller is a solution that solves a problem, where the user is in enough pain to pay for a solution or use it frequently enough to generate adequate ad revenue. A vitamin is a solution that also solves a problem but the user’s pain is lower than the pain of paying for it. This could be because the user’s needs are adequately met with their current solution or the problem does not affect the user as strongly as you assumed.

Originally published Oct 2013

I’ve been learning more about cyber security and how easy it is to hijack people’s connections to the Internet. So I have decided to set up a VPN for use on my desktop, laptop, and cell phone. I am sure many people feel the need recently to get one after the outing of the NSA surveillance program. My thoughts on the NSA program is that I am not doing anything to spark their interest so shouldn’t be worried about them seeing my dick pix… besides I am certain they could get around any security methods I…

Study Buddy is a fictional smartphone dating app for college students created for a marketing class at University of Washington. Below is a simple commercial we created for this app.

Created By Anthony Grove, Kalit Chantachitpreecha, Lucy Thach, Joseph Aubert, and Timothy Li at University of Washington 2014

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Ever since I drank the Lean Startup “Kool-Aid” while in San Francisco for an internship, my approach to how I think about creating new products has become crystal clear… except for how to quickly explain it to the average person. In an attempt to do that I wrote this elevator pitch for The Lean Startup. Feel free to post your comments, suggestions, or your own elevator pitches for the Lean Startup.

One Sentence Pitch: The Lean Startup is a proven philosophy that takes an experimental approach to creating new products.

Elevator Pitch: The Lean Startup is a proven philosophy that…

Anthony Grove


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