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Was the decade long wait worth it?

Can you believe that it’s been over a decade since the release of Amnesia: The Dark Descent? It was a real tour de force, not just for the horror genre but for internet culture as well, inspiring content creators across YouTube to start uploading footage of themselves screaming in terror, spawning the “Let’s Play” genre of videos that have now taken over the website.

Now 10 years later, those beautiful Swedes over at Frictional Games have returned to the dark, twisted universe that put them in the spotlight all those years ago…

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Amnesia: Rebirth puts you in the shoes of Tasi, who joins a mining expedition to Algeria in 1937. From the opening of the game, Tasi finds herself waking up from the aftermath of a plane crash in the desert and it is up to her to find her friends, leading her from one horror to the next. …


Anthony Wright

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