Challenge 500/60: 200/500 hours

Antoine Leclercq
Feb 24, 2017 · 2 min read

Another 100 hours, another blog post. Since I wrote my last blog post (after 110 hours of focused work) I have worked exactly 90 hours. Reaching 200 hours it is time for another quick sum up.

# Sum up of what I’ve done during these 90 hours of focused work

  • Wrote 100/500 blog post2 hours.
  • Reviewed/Created flashcards daily: I spent 10 hours less than last time on this, because I am basically done with the fundamentals at this point and I am learning different skills now. Nevertheless, I still review the fundamentals and create cards if needed — 7 hours.
  • Finished course 260, which is about Frameworks, Libraries and Tools, specifically, I learned about and am currently using: Backbone, Express, Jasmine, Bower, Grunt, Advanced Browser APIs (History, Geolocation)— along with libraries I had already learned about: jQuery, Handlebars, Underscore. I built a considerable amount of projects during this course. All were guided projects, which is why 299 is going to be very beneficial: apply what I’ve learned on my own— 43 hours.
  • Reflected on my journey up to now, on why I am doing this challenge, this program and where it might lead. It is nice, after completing a course to remind myself why I completed it and how it went— 3 hours.
  • Started 299, finished the first practice project and started the second one. These challenging projects will be part of my future portfolio. They are consolidating my knowledge and sharpening/developing my newly discovered/acquired skills — 35 hours.

# Benefits from doing this challenge

  • Building a routine
  • Feeling like I am held accountable to myself and whoever read my posts
  • Better time management
  • Pushing myself, feeling accomplished
  • Increased productivity

That’s it for another short sum up. Next post at the 300 hours mark! See you then.

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