A video. A Mason Jar. Lauren Singer. Vox.

If you’re at all plugged into the zero waste movement, you already know what I’m talking about.

For the uninitiated, it’s a grassroots movement that’s centered around a set of principles meant to eliminate waste.

The movement has been around for about a decade or so, and the sentiment behind it- reducing waste, is a part of nearly all of us.

But a Vox video¹, featuring Lauren, catapulted the movement from its esoteric habitat, into full frontal view. Lauren is one of the trailblazers of this movement. …

As the Instagram generation, we’ve grown to become familiar with this phenomenon.

An off-the-spotlight scenic view catapulted into internet fame by a single shot. A shot that, shared enough times, grows past its boundaries to a point where the line between the picture and the experience becomes hard to discern.

I visited this exquisite waterfall, nestled away in a canyon in northwestern Arizona, a few weeks ago. This location has come to be regarded as somewhat of a rite of passage for travel photographers. …

“Apparently there used to be some Japanese internment camp around here…”
He said nonchalantly, looking at a flyer at the visitor center near Lone Pine, California.
“Manzanar?!?!”, I said. It was part hope and part guess.
I looked at the flyer and I knew we just had to visit.
My cousin’s expression showed no signs of recognition and I recognized the need to elaborate. I cued the right podcast¹ for the trip and with that, we took the best detour I could have hoped for, in that trip.

We could so easily have missed it entirely…

I didn’t have the…

It’s been two years since La La Land first came out, and in these two years I’ve watched the movie four times, and watched the song sequences countless number of times. Every time I watch the movie, I uncover a new side that I hadn’t seen before. As it’s been quite some time since the movie was released, a lot of these layers (for instance how the lyrics to Another day of Sun foreshadow what is to come) have been unpeeled by others here on medium or on video essays on YouTube. …

Anvit Srivastav

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