Nuisance Suit

1 min readNov 3, 2019


Update 2019–12–17: We are happy to say that this suit has been dismissed.

— — — -

Although we have not been served, a complaint written by a lawyer against Alameda has been circulating on the Internet. The nuisance suit is riddled with laughable inaccuracies, including mistaking the entire business model of Alameda.

The troll has no evidence of any wrongdoing, and will not further discover any — because there was no wrongdoing to discover evidence of. Instead he attempts to cite the analysis of shitposted conspiracy theories on Twitter out of a desperate attempt to construe some sort of suit.

It is an unfortunate reality that it is easy to file bullshit lawsuits and annoying to fight them, and some assholes will use this as an excuse to extort anyone they see as high profile.

On the bright side, at least we’re now seen as successful enough to distract trolls from their everyday operation.