Remote Working Requires a Rethink of Your Patching Strategy

Like it or not, the remote workforce is here to stay. Statistics show that employees say they are more productive working from home, and even before the global pandemic, there had been a 44% growth in the remote workforce over the…

Our security development team is excited to release an additional open-source Sentinel Playbook. This playbook, available on #github uses Azure Logic Apps to automate scanning entities with SpiderFoot to gain opensource intelligence insights. This playbook is available through our GitHub Repo::

Our repo includes this playbook and other orchestration solutions across various technology stacks.

Arbala offers services to customize solutions to meet your organizations needs as well as services to develop automation with other Azure Sentinel and security apps. Contact us for more information:

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The Security Reasoning Behind the Massive Cloud ERP Migration

Within the last year, a huge migration to the cloud has been occurring for on-premise ERP systems moving to a cloud-based SaaS, AWS, or Azure-based ERP environments. Many CFOs and CIOs are making the push to accelerate their organizations to a…

Attackers are always refining the tools they use to improve the chances they can break through your defenses. Even small gaps can become a leverage point. …


Arbala Systems is a leading Managed Detection, Security, and Dynamics 365 provider. Founded by a team of cybersecurity, IT and Dynamics 365 Professionals.

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