Thanks for destroying Twitter

No AIDA strategy. Let put the matter straight on the table. Why do you use Twitter? I can see the mouth opened and head nodded for the collective roar of “networking”, “influencer marketing” and other shits.

Shit they are as this very mechanical approach of leveraging Twitter as an awesome marketing device is slowly choking the Twitter.

Twitter today is just a showboat. It’s all about showing how much follower I have. And the divine “ratio” in between follower and following.

“Dude, I want to be a Katy Perry, Gary Vaynerchuk and other demi-god of the Twiter.”

“ Wow!! What is the hack man?”

“Simple I will not follow no one yet everyone will follow me.”

Come on!! Show some maturity. Twitter is not your prom night. What do you want to prove? What’s there is to be a celeb? Was Twitter built to brush up our avatar? Shall we use this mircro-blogging website to stamp our authority by some digits?

Time has come to use Twitter as it should be. Let’s grow some connection. Take a part in the conversation. Don’t tell me 140 characters are too small to deliver your thoughts. You can, we can, if we take a step now.

If you are a marketer, stop boasting your follower number. You are not here to throw a gig. We are here to care, listen, go beyond the hashtags and be real. Where is the conversation man?

If today, Facebook is surpassing Twitter.


It’s all because of the genuine talk that Facebook holds. We do not, ever, talk about who is following us or how many friends do we have in Facebook. It’s all about reaching out. Know the person in real and grow a mutual understanding. Can we use the Twitter DM for it? With little thoughts.

Trust me, 140 is not just a small number.

Don’t buy my words. Look what Gary Gary Vaynerchuk has to say-


Twitter is a beautiful platform. If we are not connecting with people here, that’s our fault. Probably, we are busy building our pseudo Twitter empire to showcase our muscle. In vain. Let’s start talking. Let’s encourage people.

Just what Sam Hurley does.

He never forgets to congratulate or pat the backs of his connection.

Sam has even featured me in one of his blog. This is how generous he is

He has a big heart and courage to think beyond the illusory maze of followers and following.

Can we be such grateful? Can we start real communication? Can we be more human and less celeb? Don’t destroy Twitter. Start connecting now. It’s not just about a tweet anymore.