My mother 16 years old (1941)

Mom worked a low-wage job as a leader of a nonprofit organization for girls. When she got home she tossed her jacket and purse on the table and walked past me without a word. She continued on to the refrigerator. Looked inside to bare shelves. In robotic movements. Withdrew something…

Photo by Author

I met an old, brown-skinned man. His head had charcoal-colored eyebrows, silver-colored hair, and a white, scruffy beard. A half-smoked cigar smoldered in one hand, and he held a shot of tequila in the other. A red, blue, and green shawl wrapped over his shoulders.

“Hola, señor, my name is…

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Click, Clap, Jump

I had 2,716 reads for 10 stories in one week on Newsbreak. 1,000 reads on Medium after 4 months across 42 stories. The majority of my Medium stories were curated. My claps equal the views. It’s astonishing to read one Medium writer’s story about being overweight blew…

I forget to mention that I enjoyed your e-book article. I published a print on demand book. At one time Medium had purchased an e-book company and no one heard another word about it. I didn't learn that until I published a digital book with Illumination Books and found it…

Arlo Hennings

Author 2 non-fiction books, music publisher, expat, cultural ambassador, PhD, MFA (Creative Writing), B.A.

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