Arkhangelskye Kozuly. Part 7

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Three-dimensional gingerbread construction. Absolutely handmade by ArtResheto.

Developing the traditional system of imagery, masters today invent new ways in creating the artistic image. Thus three-dimensional gingerbread constructions appear: towers, temples, the whole villages. From vertically standing silhouette gingerbreads intriguing compositions are being created, which look like gingerbread theatre scenes. In the old days in Russia performances with gingerbreads were shown by masters on a wooden “stage” and it was called “pryanitsa” from Russian “pryanick”, which means a gingerbread. Appearance of gingerbread compositions nowadays testifies to preservation of connection between gingerbread craft and the most deep and ancient layers of national culture.

History, tradition, modernity
Arkhangelsk, 2006

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