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What’s hot at WePower: March

Dear community,

The last weeks were really busy but promising at the same time. Let me share with you a brief update on the WePower journey. Within two months after the token sale we have already accomplished great things!


Our development work is going well and it is on schedule:

1. First platform release will be in April. Gradually we will invite our Community, partners and supporters, to check how the platform works, give feedback, suggestions. Soon after the first release we will have an update allowing registration of potential green energy producers and energy buyers across the globe.

2. The full Estonian energy tokenization will be in August. Our team is working together with Elering’s engineers to show the world the biggest blockchain application in the energy sector. We will have a press conference to introduce the results of this project. Everyone will be invited to visit us in Estonia and experience the application of blockchain in real life. More about that a bit later.

3. First real energy auctions are planned in November. After finishing the pilot project with Elering, we will be ready to work with individual energy producers in Estonia, Spain and Australia.


Update on our business will be divided based on the geographical locations.

1. Estonia. Everything as planned — development is going on well and we have enough partners that allow us not only to test the platform, but also to do the first energy auction and sell energy tokens directly to the consumers. We are also expanding our development team in Estonia.

2. Spain. Last week our subsidiary was established in Spain and now we are on the track to file an application to become an independent energy supplier in the European market. Our Spanish subsidiary — WePower Network Spain S.L. will start hiring people. We are also in contact with Spanish transmission system operator and our dialog suggests very positive and inspiring guidelines for future collaboration.

3. Lithuania. We are expanding our operational team. Currently looking for strong CFO and CMO that could handle our global operations. If you are passionate in your domain, love technology and are willing to make a change in this planet, please let us know.

4. Australia. Australian energy market is a bit different than in Europe. However, we have finished the business model that would work in the Australian market. More about that will be made public in April. For those of you wondering, what impact on WPR will the business launch in Australia have, these are 2 aspects to have in mind: 1) Our partner has over 2 million customers and each of them could become potential WPR token user. 2) Given, that Australia is suffering from high energy prices, WePower’s value proposition to provide an access to energy that is much more cheaper, would be a great competitive advantage.

If you represent an energy company, producer, corporate buying green energy in Spain and/or Australia, please share this information with us and help us to expand WePower’s portfolio before the launch in Q4 this year.

Another few great things that happened within the last 4 weeks:

We have established relationships with EU Commission. Commissioner responsible for energy markets invited us to meet in Brussels. We are proud and excited to admit that the feedback we’ve received on WePower’s solution from this high institution was very positive. We are looking forward to working together on the future energy market regulation in EU.

In case you’ve missed — Fast company has named us as one of the 1 most innovative energy companies in the world.

Advisory board

Earlier this month we’ve introduce a formal Advisory board that we have formed to work very closely with our management team and to accelerate our business further and turn our vision of a greener sustainable living into a reality. Our formal advisory board is comprised of Peter H. Diamandis, Maja Vujinovic, You (Ricky) Li and Trevor Townsend. They are well-known in technology, energy, blockchain and crypto space.

Crypto space

Currently we all are evidencing turbulence in the market. This also had some impact to the WPR token. However, as you can see from the above, the business is progressing well and applicability of our utility token in the real world should be major. Let’s stay strong during this difficult time in the cryptocurrency market.

Just a few days ago Binance has listed WPR tokens on its exchange. More information you can find here. Now you can buy or sell tokens on Binance, Huobi, Liqui, Idex, EtherDelta, Coinfalcon, DDex and Bitbns.

We are thankful for our community for the continuous and strong support!