Seize the opportunity that never presented itself to any other class

Hello #classof2020,

I hope you are staying safe and passing on some children wisdom to the adults at home.

Now, yesterday, I read an article saying the school finishing class of 2020 is the unluckiest with no farewell, no goodbyes and an uncertain college life ahead. I consider this conclusion wrong. Absolutely wrong. In all fairness, I think you are not the unluckiest but perhaps the luckiest outgoing class.

It only depends on how you travel on your educational journeys from here on.

I am Ashish Jaiswal, a…

Ashish Jaiswal

Originator — fluid thinking | Barefeet walks | soul of a tree | 3 questions — what do we learn? how do we learn? why do we learn? | PhD (Education), Oxford Univ

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