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When will you go out of style?

It’s 1964, you’re taking a stroll through the streets of Manhattan when you catch a glimpse of a store window nearby. You lock eyes with that decade’s prime silhouette — a boxy cut mini-dress.

This gives us a stark contrast when placed next to the beauty ideals of 2019. Could you imagine social media influencers having a go at 60s mod dresses?

I’d pay to see it.

Whatever becomes big in fashion and mainstream media will dictate the standard of beauty and inevitably the types of bodies that we praise (and downplay) at a given time.

Fashion trends are constantly…

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Dedicated to the Women that don’t need Feminism

I was fresh out of one of my first classes at university when I fell into a deep conversation with one of my lecturers. Assuming she could be of help to me, I gave her bullet points about myself for context. It was my top priority to mention that I was a Feminist, to which she replied:

I don’t care for Feminism.

As one could imagine I was winded, a woman so fiercely independent did not identify as a Feminist.

She wasn’t uneasy about any of the misconceptions about modern Feminists, she simply did not care for Feminism as a…

Free Verse

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If I am ever awake at first light

when the dew drops dance

when the birds ignite the sky

when the flowers unfold to unearth

the kiss of life

know that I have collapsed

upon my own heart


Ashley A. Cummings 2019

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How one sentence forged a phoenix

Before this day, I had always known that something made me different. I couldn’t exactly find the words to express the feelings of self-hatred I was experiencing.

However, I knew that there was something about myself worthy of shame.

I was oblivious to why I relentlessly rejected the colour pink, or why I crinkled my nose at the sight of pregnant women.

It wasn’t until I was forced to witness myself through the eyes of another that I discovered the reason I dismissed women and wanted desperately to associate myself with the perceived qualities of men.

I remember this turning…

‘Chris Brown has a preference, so what?’

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‘noun [ C or U ]

UK ​ /ˈpref.ər.əns/ US ​ /ˈpref.ər.əns/

The fact that you like something or someone more than another thing or person’ The Cambridge Dictionary

The new scapegoat for Black Men seems to be preference.

It’s usually the first word people reach for when defending negative sentiments expressed by Black Men with a large audience. The thing is though, preference is only used to justify demeaning comments about the appearance of Black Women.

I added the definition of preference in the beginning just in case anyone was confused. …

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A visual

soft breeze adorns the sunrise

peeling petals away from

their devoted quintet

liberated leaves assemble

their marching band

~a parade throughout the sky

Ashley A. Cummings 2019

Write For Blue Insights

When allies become enemies

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Good guys — we all know them. The ones who are ‘different’, the ones that ‘understand’, the ones who firmly believe that women deserve just as much as men are allowed. There’s a catch here. Though seemingly aligning themselves with the feminist movement they continue to be society’s apologists. The classic tale of two steps forward one step back.

I immediately started jotting down the basic ideas I had for this article as I listened to a voice message sent by a male friend of mine. …

You’re a Woman now

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‘You know how to use this, right?’ — the words my mother said as she handed me a pad for the first time. I was about eleven or so, soon to be twelve. At that moment though I couldn’t see it, I had become someone else.

I had just blossomed, I became a woman. Don’t be mistaken, this was not my declaration. I didn’t feel any different nor did my appearance evolve. I was still a child — body and mind. As an eleven year old, I wanted so badly to grow. …

Ashley A. Cummings

fighting to keep individuality alive / welcome to the home of my poetry, prose and intellectual babble

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