A year in verse.

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Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

The frost retreats, fleeing from the sunlight
Barren branches burgeon with budding leaves
Thawing ice where the weeping willow grieves
Nature rekindles the annual fight

The mercury climbs to dizzying heights
Creatures cluster in the shade’s slight reprieve
While we enjoy a holiday too brief
And gather to grill sizzling delights

Green gives way to riotous reds and golds
We celebrate the harvest and the earth
Sweater weather, festivals, and pumpkins

Jingle bells ring and wrapping paper folds
New year malaise follows the old year’s mirth
One cycle ends and another begins


Ash & Feather

Poet and author across several genres, with a love of photography and gardening. Find out more: https://linktr.ee/hearningcurve

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