5 Incredible Ways ChatGPT Can Improve Your Daily Life — Day 25 of #30daysofAI

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6 min readAug 27, 2023

In the last month I’ve been spending a lot of time with ChatGPT. I’ve been able to assess a lot of its strengths and weaknesses and try out lots of different types of experiments — like foreign language tutoring, and summarizing popular movies I don’t have time to sit through. Below I’ve put together a list of 5 interesting ways that ChatGPT can already improve daily life for many people.

AI Chef, by Stable Diffusion

For those missing context, this is related to a blog series called 30 Days of AI, where I challenged myself to spend the next 30 days learning more about AI.

1. Dinner Ideas

One thing I’ve struggled with, especially on those midweek days when I don’t feel like going to the shops, is figuring out what to do for dinner. ChatGPT can help you to figure this out. Instead of punching the contents of your fridge into a random mobile app to ask advice, consider asking ChatGPT directly with a prompt like this:

I have tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, 2 chicken breasts, cheese, yogurt, milk, butter, and eggs in my fridge. Give me some ideas on what I could cook for dinner tonight.

ChatGPT dinner advice

One of the major upsides to using ChatGPT for this advice over a random app is that you can always ask further clarifying questions about the recipes and advice. For example, I can ask for more info on how to do the seasonings properly for suggestion #1:

Give me more info on how to season the chicken for #1. And also tell me how to make the salad dressing with the herbs/spices I’d need

ChatGPT seasoning advice

Make sure to add as many ingredients to the prompt as you can to improve the suggestions. And if all else fails, ask for more suggestions until something sounds good enough to make 🍔.

2. Vacation Planning

Looking for ideas on how to decompress on a long weekend? ChatGPT can provide trip suggestions and even entire trip itineraries. For this, make sure to be specific about your area and budget, what kinds of things you are interested in, and how many people will be coming along. Here’s an example I tried out:

Give me 5 options for fun weekend trips near Seattle, WA. I have a budget of $500 to spend for the weekend and I plan to bring my partner. We enjoy outdoor activities and unique restaurant experiences

ChatGPT weekend trip advice

Once you find a good trip idea, ChatGPT can give more details and set up an entire itinerary if desired:

Give me some more ideas about planning a weekend trip to Bellingham that would be in budget

ChatGPT travel itinerary advice

3. Exercise Routine Ideas

Are you a couch potato looking to get back in shape, but have no idea how to get started? There is a ton of info out there on different types of exercises and routines, which can be daunting for someone just looking to get going.

ChatGPT can help out with this and craft some decent exercise schedules. The key is to give enough information about yourself to customize the workout routines, similar to what you’d tell a trainer for the first time:

I am a 45 year old man that has grown a bit out of shape over the years. Help me put together an exercise routine and weekly schedule to get back into shape. I want to do both cardio and some weight training with the goal of losing some weight. I don’t have access to a gym or any weights to start with

ChatGPT exercise plan

What if ChatGPT suggests something that might be too difficult, or could aggrevate an old injury? You can ask some follow-up questions to ChatGPT to revamp the schedule around your issues.

For example, if you have bad knees you can ask for other exercise ideas to replace that won’t be a problem:

I have bad knees. What other exercises can do I that won’t be as hard on my knees?

ChatGPT exercise advice for those with bad knees

4. Book, Movie, and Music Recommendations

Recommendation algorithms like those on YouTube and Netflix can sometimes be a bit self-serving — especially when they are trying to promote their own 1st party content or keep your eyeballs on screen for as long as possible.

ChatGPT can flip the script and put you back in the driver’s seat for media recommendations. All you need for this is create a simple prompt that gives some examples of things you like and ChatGPT will quickly spit out some great ideas:

I enjoy the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling, many Stephen King novels, and like fantasy type novels. Give me some reading suggestions for novels I could finish over my vacation

ChatGPT reading suggestions

I’ve found music recommendations with ChatGPT can often be a lot better than I’ve seen on some major apps like Spotify and Amazon Music. For example, if I’m in the mood to listen to some early 00’s style pop-punk, I might ask for recommendations with a prompt like the below:

I like listening to pop punk and alternative rock music, like avril lavigne, linkin park, and evanescence. Can you recommend me some newer bands that have similar sounds?

ChatGPT music suggestions

5. Positive Vibes

ChatGPT can be a good friend that offers words of encouragement on those down days. There’s something oddly satisfying about a robot telling you that you are not alone and to believe in yourself.

Try this one out if you need a mood booster:

I’ve had a bad day today. Can you please give me some positivity and encouragement?

AI positive vibes
Happy Robot, by Stable Diffusion

Final Thoughts

I chose these 5 prompt ideas because they have potential to provide intrinsic daily value for anyone looking for a bit of assistance midweek. I strongly recommend that everyone try out some of these prompt strategies — especially those that don’t yet have much exposure with AI or chatbots.

Do you have any other good prompting ideas that can give a leg up during the week? Drop me a line and tell me about how you are using ChatGPT to improve your daily routine.