Medicine as storytelling aids diagnosis and treatment.

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As a first-year medical student many years ago struggling with all the science I had to learn, we had a lecture on Community Medicine. ‘Medicine is an Art based on Science’ the lecturer said. It was music to my ears.

I am not a natural scientist. Although I loved English and would have loved to have studied further, it wasn’t compatible with getting into a UK Medical School. I gave it up for Chemistry and Biology. After 2 years of Science, we were allowed to work on the wards.

Uncharacteristically I arrived early one morning, singing as I made my…

Key parenting concepts and styles

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Following on from my attachment matters article, I had interest from people who want to raise their children in an attachment informed way so in this article I’m going to look at some of the key concepts that relate to parenting. I am not talking about ‘attachment parenting’ — a model developed by Paediatrician William Sears and his wife Martha in the 1980s. …

Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM) of attachment theory

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In these scary times, we need more than ever to understand what makes people tick and why they do what they do. I believe the Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM) of attachment theory is the best thing we have to help us do that so this is an introduction to what it’s all about.

Staying Alive

Attachment is the system nature has put in place to help us survive in a dangerous world. Staying alive and keeping our children alive and thereby our genetic potential is the bottom line. That statement alone tells us how important attachment is. …

Grady at home during our 2017 visit

Grady was my husband Charley’s best friend. Charley and Grady were part of a group that met at Birmingham Southern College through the theatre in the late 1960s who have stayed lifelong friends. Grady had a successful international career in acting and set design. He was also a talented artist and extremely funny. He gave it all up and came home to Alabama to care for his brother and then his mother through terminal illnesses. When I first met him he was an unpaid carer for a young man who lived across the street with multiple mental and physical health…

Why we all need to leave Neverland

From 1950s Naples to now

Having watched the TV serialisation of My Brilliant Friend (the Neapolitan series of novels written by Elena Ferante ) with my husband, I found myself in a bitter argument with him about it! For those who don’t know it tells the story of 2 friends through their life; starting with their childhood in 1950s Naples. They are both clever, studious and poor. Casual violence is everyday in the neighbourhood; money is power and sexism is routine. During this particular episode one of the girls, while away from home for the summer is sexually assaulted…

Louise Atkin

An anti- psychiatry psychiatrist, interested in attachment, relationships and life.

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