No one film making the rounds of this year’s film festivals has as much male frontal nudity as Dead Dicks. But it simply punctuates a deep insight into mental illness and how it affects those left to pick up the pieces.

Directed by Montreal couple Lee Paula Springer and Chris Bavota, this sci-fi/horror hybrid has been making waves, winning the Fantasia Audience Award for Best Canadian Feature. We talked to Chris about his inspiration, making low budget films and what the couple is up to next.

You’re well known for writing gritty genre films. What draws you to it?


When I travel, there are two things I have to do. The first I always have my camera with me.

Pitbull on the streets of London

The second, I map out all the stores I’d like to hit. In Tokyo, it is vintage shops. In London, it’s streetwear. In Paris, it’s des boulangeries. Here are four streetwear shops I had to stop at on my last trip to London in the fall of 2019.


The quintessential indie streetwear brand. The cloths are infused with humour and bold colour. Who doesn’t want to walk around with the word Oaf on them? Wear what you are.


I go…

They are big and bulky. They aren’t the prettiest things. They have a cult of people drooling over the next release. And you can drop them from a 3-story building without a care in the world. This is the Casio G-Shock.

You don’t have to look far to find someone obsessed with watches. Chopard, Breitling, TAG-Heuer, Rolex and countless others fill their watch drawers. The prices range from several thousand to tens of thousands. But there is only one cult watch that you can pick up for $150 to $250. The G-Shock started off as Casio’s answer to a problem…

The story of the Sukajan jacket isn’t about WWII and wartime souvenirs. It’s much more detailed than that. It’s a story of artistry and exacting detail. It’s the birth of modern embroidery.

When we think of embroidery, we imagine cheesy logoed golf shirts and baseball caps. AI computer programmed sewing machines with 20 threads shifting the material back and froe like a dance. But not in the 1950s. This was all done by hand.

As US servicemen started to ship home from Japan, they wanted to bring back something typically American with a Japanese flair. At first tailors from Yokosuka…

Their studio is covered in paint and tiny glass bottles whose scents invite you in. The organized nature of the desk is a far cry from the chaos of Lucien and August’s street art. August says he is meticulous when testing out a formula.

Les Vides Anges has always been in the shadows. Before they decided to make fragrances, Lucien was running through the dark corridors of Montreal, with photographer — and LVA perfumer — August in tow, leaving his tag; a simple “PAS.” Translated from French, it means “Can’t.” It’s not something they are used to hearing.

Why start…

This is NOT a rescue action!

This is NOT dogma!

In 1995, enough was enough. A collection of forward thinking filmmakers came together under the banner of DOGME 95. It advanced cinema but then quickly disappeared. How can you create rules if your goal is to break them?

This manifesto will be seen as much of the same. And that is because we start by calling it a manifesto. So, in order to avoid to any comparisons, let’s change the name. This is the Tiny Films Code.


Pizza only once

Notes: It’s easy to be overwhelmed during a ultra low…

Laura Lee Moreau/

When you have Youtube (and the video essay)

We all sit in two camps. Pro or con. Left or right. Right or wrong. Where do you stand?

I have to say, I’m not sure. When it comes to schools I can’t decide. That’s not entirely true. When it comes to film school I’m pretty sure. It’s useless.

In some countries you will pay 15 to 60 thousand — if not more — to graduate from a film school. And right after graduation you are pushed to be a good little worker and feed the system. You’re rarely placed in a situation where things are questioned. You’re told never…

When it comes to creativity, you have to accept you don’t have the time to be a genius — even though you’ll have those genius moments.

Basel, Switzerland. Samuel Zeller/

I have a lot of projects that pass by my desk. Artists new to the game are trying to get their first — maybe second—idea financed. They want someone to believe in them like their mother believes in them. Honestly I hardly have the energy to care about their project.

I’m not trying to be harsh. It’s not like everything I see is garbage. Maybe just 75%, but more on that later.

Too many people think that having an idea is as good as gold. Just having the idea is not enough. I need proof. Proof that you can produce…

Or what I learned from the TIFF Industry Conference

Maybe I’m just naïve. Wait that’s a terrible way to start this. Let me start over.

I am naïve. When I first signed up for the Toronto International Film Festival Industry Conference, I assumed everyone there would be realistic about what they were working on, looking for insight into the troubles of producing indie films in our modern times. We’d talk about the art, and technical mastery. We’d share war stories and cry softly as we held each other. We’d talk about truth and all its trappings. We’d be friends forever. Like I said, I am pretty naïve.

You know…

Aldo “August” Parise

I run August Project, a micro-fund for film, music and commercial arts projects.

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