DYOR ultra-low cap coins that might be going 100x

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Source: https://medium.com/crypto/how-to-value-bitcoin-ticket-to-the-moon-or-rat-poison-7aae29200725

We are in the middle of a raging bull market, a time when random dudes on the internet are coming out of the woodworks to shill you coins.

I’m not a doctor: that’s not a medical advice

I’m not a lawyer: that’s not a legal advice

I’m not a financial advisor: this is not financial advice but with that in mind, you should always DYOR and never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

I’m not your friend: I’m pumping my bags. You should never trust random dudes on the internet who have their own incentives.

I did my research.

Once you have a…

Remember some time ago:

Initially, BaseX was Island DAO, originating from Estonia DAO.

There were a number of reasons behind that shift. Now it is changing again, back to the DAO, back to the roots. Again, a number of reasons:

  • Lessons about the community ($SUSHI, @NomiChef)
  • Mars no longer full time
  • New tools becoming available, such as snapshot.page
  • Figuring a workaround to address some issues with the DAO

Back in a day, the “rage quit” was a concern. …

When you are really deep in the DAO space and every day bring new discoveries and interesting conversations

When you do something interesting and innovating, very often you encounter issues that are not part of the mainstream consciousness.

So you go to Discord and Telegram chat to ask deeper, to ask genuine questions at the source…

Kleros (and Aragon Court)

Kleros protocol is legit.

For those who are not familiar here is the explanation.

For those who don’t want to click, the simple explanation is:

  • majority decision wins
  • anyone can appeal and there are more jurors involved
  • consensus eventually emerges

So far, 400 cases later, there was not a single obviously wrong decision.

There were some controversial cases that left some room…

BaseX island and SEZ.network

The time leading to the Latitude59 was extremely busy, consumed loads of energy, the videos below explain why…

I was not fully present during the Latitude59, but not all hope is lost, we can remain in touch outside the event as well.

We had a demanding filmmaker, so much work!
On the first day, the landing wasn’t practically possible.
On the second day, it was smooth sailing.

Explanation of a pivot

  1. Island
  2. Building homes (scalable, portable, energy-efficient, in-situ resources)
  3. Building cities
  4. Building SEZ
  5. SEZ.network

The island is not an angel / seed / VC backable type of business.

Ideally, we would welcome a wealthy…

Addressing all the 17 SDG within a single project possible?

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Most of the SDGs are interdependent. Visualization from — https://www.ifpri.org/blog/linking-sdgs-key-food-and-nutrition-security — International Food Policy Research Institute


Post-COVID 2020 New World Order

“I feel closer to Ethereum than my home country”
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We have blockchain and AI, and we still use an ancient system. Democracy originates from ancient Greece.

🇺🇸 The United States has an unfair advantage

The USD is de-facto a default unit of international currency.

Much respect for simplicity and standardization.

🇲🇹 Malta has some innovation

The first country to recognize DAO as a legal entity.

🇪🇪 Estonia has some innovation

The first country to offer E-Residency.

Maybe there is still some hope?

It is true that the idea behind the BaseX originates from the Deep Adaptation:

Deep Adaptation is a movement stating that climate change processes are so advanced there is no way of coming back to “business as usual”. But maybe there is still some hope?

Big Hairy Audacious Goals

  • New law
  • New enforcement
  • New commerce
  • New accounting
  • New money
  • New value
  • New social contract
  • New decentralized nation
  • New global government
  • New universal constitution
  • New aligned vision of humanity

Lean and agile way, we will get there in stages, one step at a time…

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https://youtu.be/Wda5TQRQ1P4?t=632 — “every mechanism by which we run our world, does not work for the Todays’s world”

Physical establishment on the island

Look at the history

When you look at who got the prize, you’ll notice plenty of guys from the International Peace Bureau

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That didn’t help and after WW1 the League of Nations was established.

the first worldwide intergovernmental organisation whose principal mission was to maintain world peace

That didn’t help… There was WW2.


The most notable ones being Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam and the Bretton Woods that established a new financial system:

After the WW2 the United Nations was established.

The UN was established after World War II with the aim of preventing future wars, succeeding the ineffective League of Nations.

🇺🇳 United Nations is not fit for purpose

But negotiators here ran…

Gathering momentum, mobilizing supporters

At this level, the default answer is “no” to protect yourself…

…but we’ve been in touch throughout the years, internets, twitters, socials, webinars, events, conferences, emails, calls, everything.

(even if not in person, then through your investment and philanthropic enterprises and the members of your team)

Literally one meeting away…


Alphabetical order, everyone mentioned here is of great esteem and importance 🙏

1. Bob Worsley

💼 LinkedIn

From the abundance.community

As a last big life contribution to humanity, I am creating a team to invent a modern smaller home of the future, net-zero solar, robotic furniture, smart, factory finished 100%, designed around all…

Mars Robertson

Creative force multiplier. Effective altruism, exponential technologies. Come and join me at BaseX island!

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