Women are the fastest growing market in the cannabis industry

By Harriet Alida Lye for Berners Bowie Lee

The stereotype of a cannabis user — a stoner, a pothead — is epitomized in movies like Pineapple Express and Cheech and Chong. The demographic we typically picture is predominantly male and loaded with stigma, but a large part of the history of cannabis, as well as the future, is female.

Historically, cannabis has been used to treat a huge range of pains that afflict those with wombs. In an article for Leafly, Colleen Fisher Tully writes: “like the rest of the…

By Harriet Alida Lye for Berners Bowie Lee

Forget rising cottage prices. The urban exodus could restructure the culture and economy of cities and rural areas for years to come.

As we look ahead to at least another year of uncertainty in the midst of this global pandemic and economic volley-balling, people have been thinking a lot about where they want to live. For many, location suddenly matters less than space, especially in the sudden rush to create adequate office space in their homes. There’s currently a strong drive to the country, which is being driven not only by the…

Berners Bowie Lee

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