Do MSPs actually cut down our costs or is it just a hearsay?

While the tale has been painted with a broader brush for quite some time now, let’s drill into the nitty-gritty of this rumor and see what’s behind door number two.

Well, it’s not a 30-day money back guarantee that relying on MSPs would cut down your costs and we don’t need to worry about. It might be true that some MSPs cut down our costs by tailored services but is it sustainable and resilient enough for the dynamic long haul? The extent to which they reduce our costs depends on various factors such as specific services they provide, efficiency of their operations, size and complexity of the organization they’re serving, and how well they integrate with the existing systems and processes. now that’s a buzzkill, isn’t it? let’s bust the fallacy wide open.

  1. Costs (Disguised as Economies of scale): Some cost driving factors include hidden fees that adds up over time, long term contracts which bogs down the flexibility of adapting to avant-garde business requirements & technological advancements and the last but not the least, the transition cost which includes migrating systems & training staffs.
  2. Sustainability (Masked as Experts): One of the deadly traps that we as a customer need to avoid at all costs is the dependency risk — Relying heavily on an MSP for critical services can create a dependency that may be difficult to mitigate if the MSP face outage or disruptions. Back to point one, the static lock-in would cost a fortune if we want to evaluate our options at adversity questioning the MSPs sustainability at worst.
  3. Innovation (Camouflaged as AI & Automation leaders): Most MSPs try to maintain their existing systems by automating the backend flow with Spaghetti code rather than driving innovation by developing & harnessing the capability of AI making them settle down for more generic solutions instead of meeting our unique needs.
  4. Adaptability (Cloaked as Efficient Scaling): Many MSPs have rigid service offerings and processes that are not easily adaptable to ever changing business requirements or technological advancements. As the organization grows or evolves, the services provided by the MSP may not scale effectively to meet new demands & leading to breakdown on performance.

This is just tip of the iceberg, but also a beginning of a domino’s effect. So, how we as a customer protect ourselves from both malicious intruders & inefficient MSPs? it’s time we release the genie (ASO) out of the bottle!

What in the world is an ASO? I heard you! Let me roll the drums up, ASO — Autonomous Service Observer powered by a blend of AI & Automation. Why do we need to Manage when we can just sit & observe. ASO follows ADACA — an upcoming & modernly promising Protocol (How David (Infra Intelligence Platform) is going to take down the Goliath (MSP)? | by Beak | IT Infra Intelligence | | Apr, 2024 | Medium). MSPs exhaustively manage data & resources which can just be taken care of by AI in blink of an eye. if ASO is going to take care of what MSPs promised us, how do we train our technicians? won’t it replace our workforce? How will it handle our humongous data? What about the associated costs ?

Let’s save this for our next discussion!! Aye!? Until then,

Dear MSPs, Remember!!

AI is coming !! it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when’!



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