Brazilian Mail Order Brides

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Brazilian Mail Order Brides

Brazil is a country of contrasts. Brazilians live in a unique social environment. On the one hand, this is a traditional society with traditional family values, and on the other hand, this is a changing, flexible community that is constantly developing.

Below, you will find the analysis and comparison of American and Brazilian families, statistics about marriage and divorce in Brazil, as well as facts about this society. All this can shed some light on the phenomenon of Brazilian mail order brides.

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How strong are marriages in Brazil — statistics & facts

There are three most important things you need to know about the institution of marriage in Brazil.

  • Firstly, in this country, divorce was illegal until the late 1970s.
  • Secondly, since that time, the divorce rate has increased by more than 500%.
  • Thirdly, despite this, Brazil remains a country with one of the world’s lowest divorce rates.

Let us talk about this Brazilian phenomenon in more detail. No wonder the divorce rate in the country has increased dramatically — couples with relationship problems have finally been allowed to break up and start a new life with a new partner, and they did not miss it.

However, the number of divorces is incredibly low in comparison with other countries in the world. How can this be explained?

The thing is, the institution of the family is still very strong there. In part, many people have deep religious beliefs (especially Brazilian women) that do not let them divorce after they face their first difficulties.

This may partly be explained by the fact that Brazilian brides consider family the most important value in life. Furthermore, support and a strong sense of security in the family are the things that all local women and men appreciate most.

Besides, Brazilian girls do not need to marry a man who will provide for them since most Brazilian women in this country enter universities and build careers, and this allows them to care about themselves. That is why local girls do not focus on material needs when choosing a husband anymore.

This, in turn, increases the chance that a couple will avoid misunderstandings and serious conflicts. Girls in this country are looking for a perfect match — every Brazil woman for marriage has her own criteria, but all of them want to make a conscious choice. No wonder these ladies are looking for a husband not only in Brazil but also abroad.

Brazil woman for marriage

Here are a few interesting facts about Brazil and Brazilian wives

Before we start to analyze a typical Brazilian family and compare it to a typical Western family, let us list the most interesting facts about this country and its people.

  1. Brazilians are the happiest nation in the world. Even such problems as high crime rates and poverty cannot stop them from being resilient, joyful, and full of life.
  2. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.
  3. About 74% of Brazilians are Catholics.
  4. Brazilian women for marriage, as well as Brazilian men, usually make it official after they turn 30.
  5. Life expectancy is increasing in the country, and the rate of population growth is declining.
  6. The crime rate in Brazil is still incredibly high — the crime rate for 2016 was about 30%, and the country saw a 4% increase from 2015.
  7. A regular Brazilian wife looks very young. Local ladies explain this by the fact that they never leave home without putting on sunscreen.
  8. This is a country of poor and incredibly rich people — the gap between them is just huge.

Brazil is a country of contrasts. On the one hand, people there are happy and resilient, but still, there are thousands of Brazilians who would move to another country to live a happy life and feel safe. Brazil is changing, and it is influenced by modern trends.

Brazilians do not start to build a family after they turn 20 — nowadays, Brazilian ladies claim that they have a lot of things to do and goals to achieve before they have children and tons of duties. Generally speaking, the Brazilian family is somewhere between good old conservative families with traditional gender roles and modern, individualistic families.

Why do we hold this view? We listed our arguments below. Also, we asked several mail order Brazilian brides to tell us about their experience in this role. You may read one of the interviews with a Brazilian lady.

Interview with real Brazilian mail order bride — Gabriela

Tell us who you are?

Hey, there! My name is Gabriela, I’m 28, and I’m a native Brazilian woman. I graduated from Estacio de Sa University in 2018, and now I’m working as a psychologist at a school in Rio de Janeiro. I like to spend my spare time actively, so I regularly go hiking and camping.

Also, I enjoy hanging out with my friends as any other Brazilian since we are a very friendly nation. Nowadays, my goal is to find a soulmate for the rest of my life, preferably a Western man.

Why did you decide to become a mail order bride from Brazil?

I love my country, Brazilian culture, and the people who live here. Also, I am proud to be from Latin America. But I was always interested in the culture and life in Western countries; I’ve watched all the American soap operas, I learned English, and I like this language. Besides, my parents aren’t people with conservative traditional South American countries views, so they raised me as a non-typical Brazilian woman.

I don’t dream about a typical Brazilian wedding with a catholic wedding ceremony and lavish celebration. Also, I want to find a man that will respect my desire to be independent and develop as an individual, not only to be a Brazil wife that stays at home. So I decided to become a Brazil mail order bride for international relationships.

What dating site did you choose for this purpose?

When I started this journey, I registered on several dating websites that provided mail order bride services. I have read almost all the reviews on this topic and asked other women that were Brazilian mail order brides, but I liked ColumbiaLady the most. Foremost, it provides a comfortable design and many opportunities for communication — you can use chat rooms, video chat, and even call your interlocutor.

Also, this site is suitable for the international dating scene and has positive testimonials from most Brazilian girls who use it. Finally, all prices are affordable, and there is a vast choice of Western men on this dating platform.

Why do you want to get married to foreign men?

I don’t know exactly how to answer this question correctly because I cannot say that Brazilian men are second-rate. I have a lot of male friends, and all of them are cool guys. But their attitude towards Brazilian ladies is pretty discouraging. Perhaps, it has something to do with our mentality, but men here sometimes still don’t perceive women as individuals but only as a means of satisfying their needs.

In addition, most men in Brazil take great care of their bodies, so sometimes they are obsessed with how they look and dress, even more so than Brazilian women. Instead, foreign men, which I communicated with at the University and on online dating sites, are more respectful and intelligent in conversation, manners, and overall attitude to Brazil women. Or maybe it’s my problem that I can’t find common ground with local men, and communication with foreigners is more simple and more interesting for me.

Are you popular on dating sites for Brazilian mail order brides among males?

I don’t want to brag about my natural beauty, but I’m one of those Latin hotties (she laughed) that are attractive to foreign husbands on dating services. I chatted with several guys from Canada and the US, and one of them even decided to visit Brazil, but this communication didn’t lead to the wedding dress. Likewise, I have serious intentions, and I don’t want to waste my time on casual dating. So I’m still in the active search.

As I understand, you have some experience in communication with Western men. Is there anything you don’t like about them?

I know several Brazilian brides that dream about American boys because they all are rich and handsome. I’m not one of them, as I am an ambitious girl who can support myself independently. But I noticed that many foreign men use online dating services and search for Brazilian singles when they are not confident or have had bad dating experiences with local women.

This is the thing that I don’t like, as men search for dating Brazilian women as a backup plan. In general, I like Western men because of their way of life and how they treat Brazilian women for marriage with compliments, care, and attention.

Have you encountered scams and fake accounts on Latin dating sites? Do they happen often?

Online dating services are popular in Latin America, as well as in other countries, and there are many mail order brides websites to find a spouse. I have heard several stories about fraud on dating sites, but fortunately, I haven’t faced it for more than a year of being a Brazil mail order bride.

But I always communicate only with men with verified accounts and those who have photos. Sometimes, I even try to find their profiles on Instagram.

What advice would you give to Western men who want to meet Brazilian girls online?

The first and most important piece of advice is to be yourself and don’t exaggerate your achievements in your career and other aspects of your life. It is a common problem for all Brazil mail order wives who are disappointed when they arrive for their foreign husbands, and the reality is not as dreamy and sweet as it is online.

Also, take care of how you look, your body should be fit, and you should be well-dressed to impress Brazil ladies. Last but not least, be confident to make the first step in initiating communication, visiting Brazil, and other things related to the development of your relationships.

As we can see, Gabriela is one of those hot Brazilian girls who want to get married abroad. She is well-educated, speaks English, and is familiar with Western culture. As a typical Brazilian bride, she appreciates the way men from Western countries treat women and respect their interests.

After this interview, we did our research and are ready to share with you all the information about Brazilian mail order wives, their family values, and other facts about mail order brides from Brazil.

How much does a Brazilian mail order bride cost?

Dating Brazilian girls are a money-cost thing, so we estimated the price taking into account all expenses from communication on dating sites to the wedding ceremony:

The average cost of mail order brides explained

  • Communication on dating apps

From $50 to $150 depending on the dating platform, its features, and types of membership.

  • Travel costs

A typical one-week trip to Brazil for two people costs from $1500 to $3500. The price may vary depending on the city and places you visit.

  • Dates

The price varies from $50 to $100, and, again, it depends on the activities you choose.

  • K-1 visa

All processing fees for the K-1 visa, interviews, applications, and boarding foil cost approximately $3,195.

  • Wedding

The standard US wedding cost is $30,000, including the ceremony and reception.

We decided to look at the details of each point of expense, so you can read about them below.

What does the Brazilian bride price include?

There are many aspects that influence the cost of getting Brazilian mail order brides. That’s why we try to summarize all costs described downward to provide you with a holistic picture of what to expect. Please note that prices are subject to change, and we do not claim 100% reliability of our estimations.

💻 Online dating websites

If you want to meet a Brazilian bride online, registration on one of the dating apps is a mandatory action. According to our research, the average cost of dating services is $100-$250 per month. The cost of online dating depends on several factors:

  • The category of a dating website. The rule of thumb is that the price for casual dating apps is cheaper than those for international communication.
  • The number of premium features. Usually, all communication with Brazilian beauties is paid, especially photo sharing and video chat.
  • The type of membership. Standard membership has a lower price, but the number of features available is also lower.
  • The type of fee charge. There are sites with monthly subscriptions or credit systems. The last one is more expensive.

Pro-tip: It is better to buy a subscription for several months, as it always comes with a discount. And don’t forget to cancel it when you don’t use the app.

✈️ Travel to Brazil

If you finally find a perfect woman online, there is no wonder that you’ll wish to meet a Brazilian girl in her country. The good news is Brazil is a pretty cheap country to visit and live in comparison with the USA and other Western countries.

At the same time, Brazil is one of the most visited countries among other South American countries. If you plan to visit your future Brazilian wife, you should make several essential preparations:

  • Choose the time. If you want to enjoy Brazilian vacations on the beach, it is better to arrive between November and April, when the hot season comes. Otherwise, visit Brazil from May to October.
  • Flight. Obviously, it is better to book tickets in advance to save some cash. Besides, the cheapest flights from the USA to Brazil are from Miami airports.
  • Apartments/hotels. You must have a place to live, as not all Brazilian brides are willing to offer you accommodation in their homes due to their conservative upbringing and religious characteristics. Note that rental costs will be the most expensive part of your expenses.
  • Entertainment. Your travel costs will depend on the Brazilian bride’s lifestyle and her pace of life, and the number of dates. In addition, usually, you should pay for all activities that you do with your future Brazilian mail order wife.

So when you plan your trip, take into account these cost items to know what to expect and how long to stay.

📃 K-1 visa

If your Brazilian bride said yes, you should initiate the process of getting a K-1 visa to move her to the US. It is a long and costly procedure that has no 100% positive result. There are many cases where the USCIS has blocked a visa application for certain reasons. In terms of pricing, detailed costs include:

  • I-130, I-600 or I-800 petitions — $325.00
  • I-140 petition — $345.00
  • I-360 petition, DS-117 or DS-1884 — $205.00
  • Diversity Visa Lottery — $330.00
  • Returning Resident Application (form DS-117) — $180.00
  • Filing I-130 Immigrant Visa Petition — $535.00
  • Filing I-360 Application — $435.00
  • MRV fee (K1/K2/K3/K4 visas) — $265.00
  • Boarding Foil (form I-131A) — $575.00

Note that all fees are the responsibility of US citizens.

💍 Wedding costs

Brazilian ladies, like any other woman in the world, want to have a perfect wedding. Despite the standards of the wedding process being changed and nowadays, it is not necessary to make the celebration for 200 guests, overall, this day should be full of love and positivity.

The preparation for a wedding can be a tough process, so many couples order the wedding agencies to take care of it. Generally, the costs include the wedding ceremony fees, rental costs for transport and location, reception, attire, wedding rings, and sometimes a honeymoon. Pay attention that in various US cities, the price can vary from $24,000 to $60,000.

This is additional information about all possible expenses we wanted to share with you. However, the costs are not limited to the items listed above, as relationships with hot Brazilian brides are a very intimate and individual process, and everything depends on you, your preferences, and your lifestyle.

hot Brazilian bride

Brazilian vs. American family values

We think that comparison is one of the most effective types of analysis. That is why we offer you to consider the comparative analysis of typical Brazilian family values and typical Western, in particular, American family values.

Are they fundamentally different? Is there any chance that a Brazilian girl for marriage and a Western man will be happy together? American and Brazilian students have already answered a questionnaire, and their answers allow us to understand what Brazil mail order wives really think about family and gender roles.

What is a typical American family from a sociological perspective?

Firstly, we should emphasize that autonomy and independence are encouraged in American families. Another important fact is that according to recent research, this nation emphasizes husband-wife and father-mother rather than the parent-child relationship, i.e., the husband-wife axis of the family is considered to be the most important thing.

Moreover, Americans usually see in marriage a partnership and companionship. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to think that they are too rational — this nation still believes that the only basis of marriage is love.

As a typical representative of Western cultures, they also have a set of specific criteria for a happy marriage, which, according to the research, are space, self-government, happiness, self-fulfillment, and love. However, the truth is also that they feel that marriage may deprive them of their freedom and their wish for self-realization.

Although Americans show that self-development, self-realization, and freedom are some of their core values for them, it can be concluded that the institution of the family is still crucially important for most American citizens. Despite the fact that some people think that the divorce statistics show that the American family is fading away, the number of married couples, as well as the results of surveys, prove that it is still significant.

Brazilian girl for marriage

Brazilian wives: what about their attitude to the family?

Brazilian people, in turn, say that family is the most important thing in their lives. Particularly, 88% of the respondents put the family in the first place, while only 8% of the respondents put the family in the first place, while career or personal life is placed in the first position. As for the characteristics, most of the respondents mentioned the following words:

  • Numerous
  • Aggregated
  • Understanding
  • Supportive
  • Helpful
  • Companionship
  • Joy
  • Hospitality
  • Affection
  • Protection
  • Happiness.

As you can see, the family is associated with help and support, so we can conclude that family loyalty matters a lot to Brazilian brides. Moreover, according to the results of the research, Brazilians think that helping family members is not optional — it is a duty that everyone must perform. This, in turn, makes a family “the source of support, cooperation, and even emotional interdependence.”

Brazilian family vs. American family — Summary

As we can see, these nations have pretty different views on the institution of the family. Most Americans (especially the younger generation) view the family as the source of their personal satisfaction.

They also think that mutual understanding and love between spouses make a family strong. In their opinion, if there is no love, marriage cannot survive. Men and women in Brazil, in turn, think that subordination, sharing, and support are more important than the interests of an individual.

Both Americans and Brazilians, however, think that love is the only basis for marriage and that marriage is companionship and partnership. Another important thing to mention is that they also consider divorce to be the only solution to unhappy marriages. Even though it is the right thought, the number of single-parent families and couples choosing cohabitation instead of marriage is constantly growing both in the USA and Brazil.

Generally speaking, most Brazilian mail order brides want to build a strong family in which all members always support each other. Although it may seem that it is not what modern American and Western men are looking for, there is another important thing to consider.

Most of them were raised in more traditional families that were pretty similar to Brazilian families. No wonder most men of the older generation want to build such a family by themselves, but modern women view the family as a partnership between two separate individuals.

Consequently, interethnic marriages between western older Western men and Brazilian women are usually happier because both parties meet each other’s expectations and have similar values.

Where to meet a Brazilian wife?

Of course, a man living in another part of the world is likely to join a good dating site to find a Brazilian wife. However, skeptics claim this option is not so good for single men who are looking for a wife. Moreover, some of them claim that this industry is losing its popularity day by day.

According to Statista, the revenue in the online dating industry amounts to about 58 million dollars this year. Moreover, experts expect it to grow — there is a good chance that it will amount to up to 77 million dollars by 2024. User penetration is expected to grow by 1.2% by 2024. Therefore, rumors of the complete disaster in the dating industry are exaggerated.

But why do people continue to use Brazilian dating sites? The reasons are as follows:

  • Not all men are ready to live in Brazil for a long time, so a long-distance relationship with a Brazil woman for marriage is the only good option.
  • It is much cheaper than dating a girl next door — you can be very generous and send your long-distance girlfriend pricey gifts, but even in this case, you will spend less than you would spend on a girlfriend from your country.
  • In most cases, services are not too pricey — almost all men from Western countries can afford them.
  • This is the simplest way to find a single hot woman in Brazil and marry her, just because ladies who join such websites are really motivated to get married and build a family.

A single man dreaming of a wife from Brazil can use a dating site or social networking site to find a match, but niche websites remain the most popular and the most effective option.

In search of a Brazilian woman for marriage — Conclusions

Brazil’s society is unique. On the one hand, it is constantly changing. No one can say that people in Brazil have deeply rooted outdated conservative values — Brazilians follow the most progressive trends.

Nevertheless, they do not blindly follow them — Brazilian wives, for example, care about the family but grow personally and professionally. They dream of getting married but do not just marry a random guy just because they have already turned 25.

Brazilian society, in particular, the Brazilian family, is somewhere between the individualistic modern world and the world of conservative family and gender values. In fact, Brazil bride took the best of both worlds. Maybe one day, this society will change and be more like a typical Western society, but today it is something fundamentally different.

This article can contain sponsored content. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.