Toward carbon neutral Developer Relations

Practical plans for a carbon-neutral 2020

  • All flights are offset by 200%. CoolEffect provides offsets at a rate of ~$8/metric ton. Your company can afford this.
  • We take fewer trips and stay longer in region when we do. Flying internationally once a year for two weeks instead of twice a year for a week each time is kinder to the planet and to yourself.
  • We aim to stay at hotels that are LEED certified or similar, bringing business to the organizations that make their buildings energy efficient (a major factor in overall greenhouse gas emission).
  • No more electronic giveaways at our events. A branded Raspberry Pi is cute, but it’s as likely as not to end up as e-waste.
  • All swag must be made from recyclable materials. This one is still in progress as we work with our swag vendors to source sustainable options. Delivery of those materials is also offset.
  • Support events like DevRelSummit that go carbon-neutral.

As a thought experiment: what if we just didn’t fly at all in 2021? How much of what we think is “necessary” travel may not be?

Beyond offsetting flights

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