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The Slack Public Listing’s Surprise Winners: Other Startup CEOswww.forbes.com
Slack is the latest in a string of tech unicorns to enrich a select group of founders who personally invested and stand to make millions


Money FM podcast: The Hot Seat — Angel investing: How risky is it for an investor?, Garage — THE BUSINESS TIMESwww.businesstimes.com.sg
: THE BUSINESS TIMES Garage — A huge number of startups and unicorns have been popping up in South-east Asia and that has fuelled a wave of angel investing clubs in Singapore. …

Do you see any win-win opportunities based on my profile?

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Let me take a minute to give you a short introduction to what I do;

My LinkedIn profile sums it all up; I have more than 30 years of experience with funding, coaching, and growing companies and great ideas to the next level. Have an extended global network of people in both the seed funding and venture capital world. I consider myself as an entrepreneur by heart and is always looking for win-win scenarios.

Currently, we have invested in a few startups and are now engaged, aking them to the next level. Feel free to follow my journey at my blog, Berg Moe Inc. …

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Ari Levy — CNBC

- How Uber’s top investor suffered through the wildest tech drama of the year.

Kyle Grillot — Wired.com

- FCC voted Thursday to dismantle its net neutrality regulations. …


Berg Moe

CEO at EntraHouse.com, Blogger, Entrepreneur by heart, Angel Investor Facilitator, TEDx speaker and community leader at Gründerklubben and Bangkok Entrepreneurs

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