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Günümüzde mobil cihazlar hayatımızın bir parçası konumuna geldi. Ödeme yapmak, sosyal medya hesaplarımıza giriş yapmak, banka hesaplarımızı kontrol etmek gibi birçok işlemi cep telefonlarımız üzerinden gerçekleştiriyoruz.
Bunlar yüksek güvenlik seviyesi gerektiren işlemlerdir. Cihazımızda kötü niyetli uygulamalar veya zararlı yazılımlar olursa, hesaplarımız sorun yaşayarak birçok maddi ve manevi zarara yol açabilir.

Bu yazımda HMS Safety Detect Kit’i kullanarak uygulama güvenliğinin nasıl iyileştirilebileceğinden bahsedeceğim.
Bunu yapmak için basit ve güvenli bir web tarayıcı uygulaması senaryosu düşündüm. Çünkü web tarayıcıları ile banka web sitelerini kullanabilir, sosyal medya hesaplarımıza giriş yapabilir, ödeme işlemi yapabilir ve kredi/banka kartı bilgilerimizi kullanabiliriz. Bilgilerimizin çalınmasını istemeyiz.

Uygulama Hazırlıkları

Geliştirmiş olduğum…

When developing mobile applications, we would like to introduce our apps to users. Onboarding screens are such a great way to do that. Because, when user opens the app for the first time, we can basically introduce what user can do in our app.
I like to use onboarding screens in my applications because as I mentioned above, it gives idea about app to users. Just with a few sentences, I can describe what my app is doing.

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In this article, I will create onboarding screens with Koin framework and Navigation Component.

Developing Onboarding Screens

First of all, we need to implement following…

While developing applications, we need to save data which users have uploaded or we need to retrieve data which users will need. Nowadays, we need to save these data to show them them again even if user has deleted the application and has installed again or when user open the website in another browser. Because, users want to see all their data again whenever they login.

The best way to do that is creating database into our application. There are many different database management systems for that . But I will be using MySQL for this article. …

While developing software projects, we have many important data such as secret keys, project signing information, database information. We need to hide these kind of important data and keep them away from prying eyes. We shouldn’t push these data to version control systems which we use such as Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket and etc.

Django provides many different third party libraries for many different situations.
To secure environment variables, I will use below library.

Setup django-environ on project

First of all, we need to install our library. …

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Huawei Search Kit includes device-side SDK and cloud-side APIs to use all features of Petal Search capabilities. It helps developers to integrate mobile app search experience into their application.

Huawei Search Kit offers to developers so much different and helpful features. It decreases our development cost with SDKs and APIs, it returns responses quickly and it helps us to develop our application faster.

As a developer, we have some responsibilities and function restrictions while using Huawei Search Kit. If you would like to learn about these responsibilities and function restrictions, I recommend you to visit following website.

Also, Huawei Search…

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In object-oriented computer programming, SOLID is design principles intended to make software more understandable, flexible and maintainable.
SOLID helps us to write sustainable code while developing software. This means, when software requirements have changed or we want to make additions to existing software, the system won’t resist this. We will add new requiremements and functions easily. In addition to these, there are reasons such as maintenance and being easy to understand.

Single Responsibility Principle

Single-responsibility principle means that every module, class or method in a computer program should have responsibility over a single part of that program’s functionality. We shouldn’t have objects which…

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Object oriented programming(OOP) is a programming paradigm which depends on classes and objects. It helps software developers to structure their codes and make them reusable pieces.

Software developers are creating many different classes for that.
Classes are user defined data types which have their own attributes and methods. These methods can determine the logical operations of the class. And attributes can hold data which a class can have.
We can create as many instances from a class as we want. These instances are called as object.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Object-oriented programming has four basic concepts. These concepts might seem a little bit complex…

While creating mobile applications, we need to develop beautiful UI for users. Because UI is important as much as main purpose of our app.
Maybe our app can do many things, but if it doesn’t have beautiful UI, users may delete the app or never install the app on device.

Sometimes it can be hard for developers to create beautiful UI. But there are many useful things out there and developers can developer better UI with different ways.

Lottie is one of the best option for developers to develop better user interfaces. Today, I will talk about how to create…

One of the best part of Django is having an automatic admin panel with user interface. With this admin panel, user who has permission can create new records or view, update and delete all records in database.
When we create a project all the configuration required to include admin panel in our website will be done automatically.

This feature can save us a lot of time during development. Because it can make very easy to testing our models and data. Also, there are many ways to customize this admin panel. We can change ordering of models and we can change…

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Django is an open-source framework for creating backend applications using Python programming language. There are many hassle parts while creating Web applications and Django is taking care of all hassle parts for us. Thus, we don’t need to reinventing something by us. We can start to developer our web application fastly and deploy it easily.

Why should we use Django Framework?

  • Django allows developers to focus on their needs of application instead of of spending so much time on already developed components such as user interfaced admin panel, site maps, RSS feeds.
  • Django cares about security seriously and it has many features for taking care about…

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