Best Cold Press Juicer Reviews | How To Choose Them

Best Cold press juicer reviews
We are drowning in the modern life with fast foods and soft drinks that make you feel just enough to pass the daily cycle. For long-term, your body will suffer the consequent like heart disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, and cancers. But don’t worry, you can lower the rick and avoid it just by adding fruits and vegetables to your diets.

Juices provide more vitamins, more minerals, more antioxidants and fiber.
You can go to the market and pick some bottle of juice but it is the bottled product. If you prefer the freshness and want to save money, a juicer will be the best choice for you (using what you made is always felt better).
Ordinary juicers or centrifugal juicers (with high-speed flat cutting blade) destroy most of the nutrients your body needs and make a metallic taste. Thus, you need a cold press juicer or masticating juicer (with low speed proceed) that preserve all your nutritional needs and provide the original taste.

Centrifugal juicer shreds produce with a fast spinning blade that forces the juice out of produce. With high RPM (thousands of rpm) the noise it makes is quite loud but it takes a short time to make a cup of juice. It can handle very good hard fruit and veggies, but not so good with leafy greens. 
The juice may be called juice separation, all the juice is at the bottom and the foam is risen up to the top. In the pulp, there’s still whole chunks of produce that you feed through the chute. When air goes inside fresh juice, the oxidation process begins and it goes fast. That means you have to drink it within 15 minutes unless you want to waste all your effort.
On the other side, with the same power masticating juicer squeezes the juice out of fruits or vegetables using low rpm (Revolutions per minute) method — under 100 rpm. That keeps your juice less air, preventing oxidation thus allowing it to store longer. There are three main type: Horizontal single auger, Vertical auger, and Twin Gear.

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Horizontal Single Auger Juicer
It looks like a drill, and the mechanism is not so different.
When you feed the produce through the chute, the auger will press and grind it. The juice drips out under the auger while the pulp is pushed out of the juicing screen.
Juice has just a little foam, they are bright and colorful, their taste is great, their freshness lasts longer (up to 72 hours in refrigerator).
Operate at 80–100 rpm, with a powerful motor, it can handle almost everything from leafy greens to hard fruits and veggies. It can make butters, frozen desserts or grill coffee beans. And it’s very quiet.
The chute size of this type usually small, so you need to pre-cut the fruits and vegetables before you juices.

It takes time in feeding-proceed, you must use the plunger to push the fruits and vegetable cause it is not a self-feeding machine.
With less part than other juicers that makes a very low learning curb. Just assemble the juicer, put the produce in and it will just work for you. Very good for aging people. And it easy to clean.
The price is from $250 to $400 divide 10 to 15 years warranty, the price you pay per month for juice is less than $4. You could have a juicer make juices in your own home, you won’t have to buy expensive $10 juicers at the juice bar or some bottled juices that don’t contain the enzymes, high level of nutrients that you get from your own fresh fruits and vegetables

Vertical Auger Juicer
It’s the best all-purpose juicer for the one who’s new.
In theory, the Vertical auger juicer works similarly to the Horizontal auger juicer except for the placement of the auger which is vertical.
The auger runs at a low and slow 60 rpm when you put the produce in, it goes into the auger which is crushes, squeezed and ground up to extract the juice. The juice will come out through the juicing holes in the screen and the pulp is ejected out of the bottom of the screen. And the wiping blade that goes around and keeps the screen clean.

It works great with fruits and hard veggies but not so good with leafy greens, so you need pre-cut the leafy greens before you start. 
It has a quite wide chute that helps you easy to feed and less pre-cut than Horizontal single auger juicer.
It nearly is a self-feeding juicer, you just put the produce in and let the machine suck it in.
Some type contains the attachment that makes for multi-purpose like making salads or frozen sorbets.
The price is around $300 and $350 with 5 to 10 years warranty.
Twin Gear Juicer
It likes the Horizontal auger juicer but instead of singer auger, it has a double auger.
The two litter miniature gears spin around at 160 rpm, powerful but still quiet. 
When you put the produce in the chute, the produce will get sucked in between two gear that literally crushes and squeezes out the juice. It make more juice than other juicers and the pulp is more dryer.
This type works better with hard vegetables, wheatgrass or when you want to juice fruits with leafy greens (with lots of foam) but will struggle with softer fruits like pineapple and orange.
It has a small chute that means you have to chop up things into smaller pieces to fit in. You need to push produce down the chute toward the gears like the Horizontal auger juicer.
Using this type of juicer to make nut butters, frozen fruit sorbets, baby food, and grind other foods such as coffee and spices.
The machine will take you a bit longer to clean than other juicers although it does have a less screen area to clean.
It’s very expensive, around $1200 and $1700.

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Sum up
In the end, there is no the best juicer but there is the best juicer for you. With all these information you got now, we hope you can choose the best juicer that fit your demand.
If you’re juicing lots of leafy greens then we’d suggest you go with a horizontal auger juicer or a twin gear juicer. And for the one who juices equal amount of fruits and vegetables can opt for a vertical slow juicer.