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We are going to discuss alpine, which can potentially replace libraries like jQuery or even Angular, React, or Vue which you usually use while developing a website.

If you regularly build sites that require some sprinkling of JavaScript on your UI, to give a better user experience, this article is for you!!

After doing a lot of research and even using it numerous times, I realized that Alpine.js might really be onto something.

Alpine.js vs others

If you have a look at this table, you will actually see the difference in filesize between alpine and other commonly used libraries/frameworks.

Like many other developers, we usually overcomplicate our workflow.

Let’s create React apps with absolutely no build configuration. It takes less than 30 seconds and only one command that you need to run on your terminal to get started.

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However, before getting into it, let me address the audience who’s new to create-react -app.

What is create-react-app?

  1. It’s basically a tool built by developers at Facebook.
  2. It gives us a massive head start when we start building React apps.
  3. It saves us from time-consuming setup and configuration.
  4. You simply have to run one command and Create React App sets up the tools you need to start your React project.

Philosophy Behind It

1) One Dependency

Without it, there would be tens of dependencies that you have to handle/install yourself and you also have to manage all of them whenever a new react version comes out. So let’s say right now you are on react version 10 and you have to upgrade to 12. You have to go through each and every dependency to see if they are compatible with the newest React version and then you have to upgrade them. Not only that, you have to look out for any breaking changes that come with each dependency’s major release version. …

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A new version of TypeScript released on August 26, typescript 4. In this article, we will discuss all the new features, improvements, and breaking changes that were released with the latest Typescript version.

Who should read this article?

  1. Anyone who has a basic knowledge of JavaScript or TypeScript
  2. Frontend developers (Angular/React): Typescript is the foundation of Angular. We are already at angular version 11 and 12 is right around the corner and as angular/front-end developers it’s our duty to keep ourselves up to date with typescript so that we can write code that is not really outdated and we can leverage all the new features that Microsoft and the typescript team are working on every day to make our lives better. …

Node.js v15 is here!

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But wait, I just upgraded my project to Node 12 and you’re telling me that a new version is already released! I haven’t even upgraded my project to node 14! Should I directly go to note 15 now? But wait what are the breaking changes? Also, what are the new features? Is there any benefit of even upgrading? Should I even think of it?

If you ever had any of these questions don’t worry about it as I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about node.js …

Learn the basics like types, classes, interface generics and more! Get your hands dirty with TS in [const minutes: number = 3]

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So, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding typescript for quite a while now. Especially since Angular started using TypeScript as its primary language. Now, you might think: Angular was developed by Google, a company that has pretty smart programmers (top 4%, some might say). If they choose TS over JS, there must be a good reason!

Well, you are right! and here are a few reasons to learn TS, ASAP!

  1. TypeScript is the future of JavaScript (some might disagree!)
  2. Typescript code is like a well-documented code, hence, it’s easier to understand.
  3. It has classes, interfaces, generics, etc. like any other object-oriented programming language. …


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