This post is part 3 of a 3 part series, catch up on the first two posts here
Part 1 — Data Types
Part 2 — Colour schemes

Borrowed tweet screenshot from Diana Mounter’s talk (interaction of colour systems) from CSS Conf AU 2018

Apologies on dragging my heels on the last part…
I guess that’s the writer’s block kicking in — Just call me JK Rowling. (Jks Jks)

When it came to choosing colour for our visualisations, I found that my go-to colour inspiration sites (listed at the bottom of the post) didn’t directly apply. They were not great in terms of practicality & definitely not very colour blind friendly. …

This is part 2 of a 3 part series,
Catch up on the first post here about data types & graphs

Once I had an idea of the types of data and graphs that I would be working with, I turned to the internet of experts to find out what the best practice was for choosing colour.

The three main colour schemes for data visualisation

1. Sequential colour schemes
2. Diverging colour schemes
3. Qualitative/categorical colour schemes


August — September 2018


As part of a new product launch and bigger project re-designing a user account IA and primary navigation, I was asked to design a “pretty dashboard.” 🙄

Being part of a Marketplace platform we have both “consumers” and “retailers” of which there are a few different types. From here on in I will refer to our E-Commerce enabled retailer account users as “users” aka retailers on the platform.

Primary goal

Provide value to our new and existing users by repurposing the empty landing page in their accounts and showing contextual snapshots of data related to sales, inventory and…


I’d never done any work with data visualisation before, so when the opportunity arose as part of a larger project re-designing a user account interface (My full case study on the project here) I was both excited and overwhelmed. My first thought was, I am not a data scientist! Data visualisation is intimidating, what do I know?

Most articles and research papers out there felt dry and critical and took themselves too seriously. I guess understandably so; data science is a serious thing and visualisations are often butchered by people with little understanding or care. Colour is also HARD. …

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