Dmitrii Pavlov about BiNeuro & INGOT Coin Partnership

Jul 17, 2018 · 2 min read

There was a time not so long ago we announced BiNeuro’s accession to KOMOREBI ALLIANCE.

KOMOREBI ALLIANCE is a coalition of entities offering a unified, cross-blockchain platform for using and benefiting from token utilities simultaneously; an umbrella of group token sales that provide token holders the services offered by each party in the Alliance.

Dmitrii Pavlov, the co-founder of the BiNeuro project, expressing his opinion about this new partnership:

This new paradigm will drive us to absolutely new heights in the development of Ecosystems, it will reduce risks and increase the effectiveness of related partner projects. Certainly, the BiNeuro’s participation in the Alliance will expand greatly the range of BiNeuro’s users opportunities.

This partnership of ICOs aims to establish an interconnected network combining different sectors — health, waste management, insurance, real estate, e-commerce, and financial services — under a single platform to give a new meaning for “utility” through the combination of existing utility functions of the multiples tokens offered by the partners.

The synergy work of the KOMOREBI ALLIANCE is a driving force to making the dream of blockchain implementation into various sectors of the economy a reality.

🔔For more information about BiNeuro:

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