BitNautic Airdrop Brings 80k Subscribers to Telegram

Apr 19, 2018 · 4 min read

BitNautic is thankful to all the community members for making the Airdrop program a big success. Within 3 days, we got 80,000 plus members in our official telegram channel and group.

We allocated one million BTNT tokens, amounting into two percent of our total token supply for our community members. The airdrop hosted by our marketing & media partner, CoinDelite, was designed to benefit the system to develop a strong online community of 80,000 members in three day.That makes us feature in the fifth biggest ICO telegram channel on ICO Whitelist website.

Our Private pre-sale in ongoing and we are getting very good response. On May 1st, public pre-sale will start and offers investors a 30 percent bonus. The aggregate token supply is 50 million, in which 35 million are constantly aggravated accessible to investors.

BitNautic, currently is one of the handful of blockchain projects looking for improve efficiencies in the shipping & cargo industry. We are committed to change the shipping and cargo industry forever by introducing our decentralized platform ‘DIPSI’.

We have partnered with many exchanges, where our token will be listed post our ICO. We will disclose the names very soon on our official website and communication channels.


BitNautic is a decentralized platform, based on the EthereumBlockchain, for matching demand and supply of shipping services, for all the industry stakeholders: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters.

BitNautic comes with distinctive features like AI (Artificial Intelligence) based booking system, a real-time tracking of ships and cargo, and a wholesale e-commerce platform.

We preferred to use the Ethereum public blockchain because we wanted to develop a real Decentralized Application (DAPP) based on an open transparent platform, open to future integration, not a closed, proprietary application, just using blockchain as database only.

If in the future, we grow faster then expected and the Ethereum blockchain becomes a limitation for BitNautic, because of the limited number of transactions and cost of Gas,we will then consider switching to a new blockchain; our platform is blockchain agnostic, therefore, we will be able to switch to a better alternative. At the moment, Ethereum is a perfect fit for us and other options will be investigated and evaluated on the go.

We recently updated our website and migrated all our servers to Switzerland as demanded by the Swiss authorities and regulatory bodies. This step has been taken for the safety and security of our Data and the funds. Our KYC is being hosted by a UK based expert organization which is fully complaint with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The new website and the White Paper covers the Challenges faced by the industry and the Solutions offered by BitNautic DECENTRALISED SHIPPING PLATFORM FOR THE WEB 3.0.

Shippers Challenges& Solutions:

1. I have an unexpected need of ocean shipping.

Solution: You can view carrier availability and find offers. You can buy contracts from 2 weeks to 6 months out, and your vessel space and container availability have the 100% reliability.

2. Finding offers from multiple providers is challenging and time-consuming.

Solution: In 5 minutes you can compare offers and buy reliable and binding contract.

3. I have to ship a small volume, and I can’t find an affordable shipping solution.

Solution: Simply list your cargo and our system will help you find a consolidation opportunity.

4) I don’t know how to prepare the bill of lading and other shipping documents.

Solution: No worries. Agents registered on BitNautic are here to help, for a fixed and affordable price.

Carriers Challenges& Solutions:

1) “My ship is having too many unproductive days, off hire.”

Solution: List your ship and update its location. BitNautic will find the optimal cargo for you.

2) My vessels utilization is low, I have to improve it.

Solution: Add your free space and our system will find the cargo for consolidation you need.

3) My profit trend is negative, I do business through Brokers, and they are taking all my margin (>10%).

Solution: BitNautic will ask you a small subscription, a fix and low commission. No markup. No middleman.

4) I struggle to find new customers.

Solution: You will be able to search through all the freight quotation requests from shippers. You will have direct contact to negotiate your terms.

Some of the features of BitNautic Shipping Platform are listed here:

1) Cargo Booking — With BitNautic’s Cargo Booking System, shippers from any country, will be able to see the ships that are available to carry their cargo, based on cargo location and cross-matched with the destination.

2) Ship Brokerage System- BitNautic will offer a real-time ship brokerage system that allows carriers and ship-owners to list ships, update their location, and thus to get shipping leads and find new customers.

3) Escrow Services- When a Buyer initializes an escrow transaction, his BTNT tokens are locked in the smart contract. Once the Buyer confirms the Seller’s obligations are fulfilled, he can release funds to Seller.

4) Wholesale E-commerce — BitNautic offers to his users the possibility to advertise and trade wholesale goods. Producers will have the opportunity to directly list and sell their products, in association with their specific place of loading, cutting out several middlemen, increasing his revenues and offering business opportunities to international traders.

5) Tracking System — BitNautic will provide a state of the art ship and cargo tracking system for its customers.A customer will be able to see the status, the position of his ships and other specific details in real time. BitNautic uses the tracking system to transport goods quickly and efficiently by keeping track of every ship.

6) Cargo Consolidation — Shippers and Ship Owners (Carriers) will be able to list specific opportunities for shipping consolidation. They will provide the place of loading, the place of discharge, and the details of the availability, in terms of container free space or ship hold free space (for Bulk shipping).


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BitNautic is a Decentralized Shipping and Cargo platform based on Blockchain Technology.

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