What our partnerships mean for eCommerce retailers and brands

During the first phase of our growth, the token sale which has successfully concluded, raising the funds we need to drive forward during the next phases, we announced multiple partnerships.

We made quite a few announcements before, during and after the token sale. This is a sign of how hard our team was working all over the world, along with the level of support we are delighted to have received in the cryptocurrency and eCommerce communities.

Now we are moving forward with our growth and development plans, it’s useful to outline how these partnerships support eCommerce retailers we are working with. In this article, we are going to put some context around our partnership arrangements (the letters of intent are all on our website), and how they will benefit online retailers.

If you want to buy or sell BIT tokens, you can do so on the HitBTC currency exchange during the first decade of July. This will contribute to the liquidity retailers and consumers can benefit from once our platform is rolled out.

Partnerships in our ecosystem

We are also pleased to have the following relationships in place with: AdHive; MARK.SPACE, Birdchain, and Ecwid.

Here is what these partnerships mean for retailers:

Ecwid is a California-based eCommerce platform already used by over 1 million online sellers and retailers. Instead of setting up a separate online store, anyone who wants to sell anything can create a simple page without needing coding skills.

Our partnership means that BitRewards will supply software and tools so that any retailer in the Ecwid ecosystem can benefit from our AI-based blockchain rewards and loyalty platform. Retailers can generate give customers crypto-tokens as rewards, and use our recommendation engine to support and gain support from other retailers using Ecwid. After the launch of the fully-functional platform, BitRewards will be placed in the Ecwid app store and also get a further promotion among the Ecwid clients.

Birdchain is a decentralized app (dApp), built on Blockchain technology, that allows its users to earn monthly passive income. As a decentralized instant messaging platform, users can earn extra income by selling their unused text messages, watching promotional videos, and selling their data.

Birdchain users can sell this unused data to large corporations, such as Google or Facebook, potentially allowing people to earn up to $150 per month. This secondary marketplace Our working together can give people new ways to earn rewards, though cryptocurrencies.

BitRewards and Birdchain have a lot in common: first of all, they’re based on existing and profitable businesses. BitRewards is a spin-off of a successfully working product in the field of user rewards and loyalty (GIFTD) — for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses. GIFTD has developed several e-commerce solutions, which are installed by more than 500 online merchants, and this figure will go to more than 1,000 in 2018.

MARK.SPACE is an open-source platform for the creation of 3D and VR compatible websites and objects (Internet of Things devices), powered by blockchain.

One of the projects we are really excited about is the MARK.SPACE Shopping District, a virtual commercial space where retailers can sell digital content like music, videos, books, images, and physical products. Shoppers can earn BIT tokens for purchases, while we give merchants in the Shopping District a free blockchain-based loyalty and rewards platform.

AdHive is the world’s first AI-controlled influencer marketing platform. We are delighted to be part of the future of online advertising and marketing.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is reaching a large enough audience organically to ensure enough of them convert into customers. Instead of working with dozens of influencers or an expensive agency, AdHive allows placing advertising and social content with one AI-powered smart platform.

We are also delighted to announce that we’ve signed letters of intent with Warner Music Group, TUI Group, GoPro, and InSales. All companies we will be working with to support higher e-commerce conversion rates using our loyalty and rewards tools, now with the support of BitRewards as we roll-out the platform.

Find out more about BitRewards at our site BitRewards.Network

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Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency. Bringing rewards on blockchain to shops & shoppers. Working product, team of 20+, 5 years on the market

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