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3 min readDec 28, 2018


Note: now we migrated to our new platform this post will be updated soon as soon

for buying BIW token or contribute in our Airdrop please read this content

1- First in https://bitw.exchangane home page you must click on the “Sign up/Login”

2- If you registered before you can enter your username(email) and password and login to your dashboard or click on “Register” to enter our signup form.

3- Fill the registration form

4- After login or register you will enter to your dashboard

in this area, you can see how many BIW tokens left, how many we sold by USD, Real-time BIW price (discount’s not included) this price updates every 10 min depend on market-cap(last 24h price up or down) , Your BIW balance (include balance + daily earning + Airdrop), your daily earning and airdrop balance, and daily earning rate for 1 BIW on this moment and your referral link to invite your friends and give 5% referral bonus.

5- First you must enter “Your Wallets/Buy Token”tab.

Here you can see your balances and the first one is your BIW balance, and depend on your balance and network situation you can see your earning rate for daily earning. you can select the currency you want to deposit and click on the deposit button (we try to accept currencies that will be in our final exchange platform)

6- after clicking the deposit button you see your dedicated wallet address for this currencyو This is your permanent address in our system and you can deposit any amount without min/max limit any time to this wallet even without entering the dashboard.

All deposits will be added to your balance after 2–5 network confirmation and you can check that in “Deposit” tab( below image).

7- After deposit, you can buy BIW tokens by clicking “Buy BIW” in front of each coin.

in this window, you can see your balance and how BIW you can buy by this balance, you can enter any amount you want to buy now or wait for a good price situation to buy tokens(why we use dynamic price).

8- You can check you token buy history in their tab

9- Also you can earn free coins depend on active airdrops we have on “Airdrop” tab

if you have any other question or problem please feel free to contact us

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