Beating the Tinder game.

800+ Matches. I’ll probably get banned for this…

UPDATE 10/24/2014:

Step 1: Update Profile Pics

I used Photoshop to make this image template.
Here are the 6 images that I created. They are in order from right to left, with the final tile reading ‘what are you waiting for. swipe right’

Step 2: Swipe Right on EVERYONE

I started getting matches. Lots of matches.

720 and counting!

Step 3: Update Tinder Bio

Updated bio after I noticed a significant jump in matched received.

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Lessons Learned:

Less than 8% of females will message first.

Implied authority has a noticeable impact on behavior.

Native content for the WIN!

Want to see what I did AFTER this experiment?

Glass always half-full kinda guy. Dream hard.

Glass always half-full kinda guy. Dream hard.