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We are holding our fourth annual video and photo portfolio review in partnership with the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) in September, an important month for the creative community in New York. This will be an opportunity to meet with top tier industry professionals, whose shared goal is to discover, connect and train the next generation of visual storytellers worldwide.

Blink Connect 2019

Join our community of visual artists and storytellers for this free event! CONNECT 2020 is an amazing opportunity for creatives to remain center stage. …

Impactful visuals have the ability to stay with the viewer, leaping over both space and time. Melanie Landsman, producer at Blink, has employed her skills as a formidable editor to shape the spectrum of aesthetics that have become the foundation of Blink’s Content Studio. Here she speaks to the challenges of creating this type of production, how she copes with demanding situations, and which productions have kept her pushing the limits.

Melanie Landsman @ Blink

“I think the most challenging part of the job happens when a shoot is actually taking place,” Melanie explains. “Many of our productions are scattered across the globe and…

Visual stories are what we do best. We’ve spent time on the ground — working behind the camera, interviewing subjects, mapping character arcs — and in the office, dissecting creative, scheduling production, and aligning budgets. For Filippo Brunamonti, a Senior Video Producer at Blink, this knowledge both on- and off-set drives the final impact. With over 200 Google video productions under his belt, executed in tandem with his colleague Anaka Kaundinya, he has garnered the respect of his peers and the industry as a whole.

Filippo Brunamonti @ Blink

“I grew up in a family of architects, bankers, and physicists,” Filippo remembers. “I see…

There is a process to content curation — source, review, compare, organize, present and, lastly, publish. For Maggie Svoboda, an established photo editor who has been at Blink since 2018, she’s not only mastered this task but has also been a crucial support system in the team’s efforts as they continue to scale.

Maggie Svoboda @ Blink

We work around the clock,” Maggie explains. “We have a lot of varied deadlines, but we do have a team abroad, as well, and so we’re on a 24-hour cycle for content curation. Our deadlines do vary based on the project, and we constantly have different projects…

For over two years, Blink has worked closely with Google’s in-house creative agency and production company, Visual Labs. With our firm roots in documentary, we’ve forged a symbiotic relationship that produces high-end narratives with as many as 12 simultaneous productions in a single week. Anaka Kaundinya, Senior Video Producer at Blink, shares some of her insights into juggling global Google video productions and how to navigate unknowns.

Anaka Kaundinya @ Blink

“We produce documentary-style videos for Google’s international projects, in pretty much any part of the world,” Anaka says. …

It was 2012; the Arab Spring was underway and Islamic militants had just attacked the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi-Libya. Julien Jourdes, then the World News Photo Editor at The Wall Street Journal, and his colleague Matthew Craig, Page 1 Photo Editor, decided something had to change in the industry. So began the monumental shift towards sourcing local narratives and talent. This led to the conception of Blink, the pioneering content studio and global platform.

Julien Jourdes, Co-Founder & CCO @ Blink

“Since that day,” Julien recalls, “ over six years ago, we have built an impressive platform dedicated to connecting 25,000 content creators active across more…

Content curation fulfills a specific need: to streamline an overflowing and vast amount of visual information. For brands, companies, and platforms, this need has become crucial at the intersection of their business development and content marketing strategy. The problem is simple: what to do when, over time, content has become redundant or no longer relevant to the brand? That’s where professionals like Blink’s Andrew Nunes de Oliveira, who has a deep understanding of visual information, step in to shape, guide, and construct the client’s current vision.

Andrew Nunes de Oliveira @ Blink

“I’ve been at Blink for over a year now,” Andrew recalls, “Projects range from…

Blink has long been at the forefront of custom branded content, focusing not only on production, but also understanding its function, and how it propels the experience of a brand. Sandra Whittington, Producer at Blink, has spearheaded some of the branded campaigns that have made Blink stand out from the rest. Here she discusses her work, methodology, and the red flags that can break an impactful campaign.

Sandra Whittington @ Blink

“Organization is key,” Sandra explains. “We are constantly juggling multiple projects at once, and often in numerous time zones. It’s the only way to be effective. …

Deadline after deadline, the Blink Curation team is crushing it. Oscillating between analyzing and digesting millions of assets, both consumer-generated and custom content, this team has proven time and time again that curation is a fundamental tool for how audiences experience brands and companies.

Deblina Moulik @ Blink

“Curation compliments content, and this is vital in a world that is image-centric,” Deblina explains. Starting out as a photo editor at Blink in 2018, Deblina Moulik’s dedication and focus promoted her to management status in the curation room. “Visual guidance is a primary challenge that companies face. They start with a diagram of what the…

Blink is at the forefront of technology and creativity, and our technical producers are the machines that bring those two components together. Through tailored workflows and seamless information management systems, Russ Voss and his colleague, Mohamed AlMannai, have designed a truly formidable foundation that brings at-scale productions to life.

Russ Voss, Technical Producer @ Blink

“It’s about listening to what the client needs,” Russ explains. “We build workflows that reflect the client's priorities and needs. If they want to have oversight, we can build that, if they want to review and analyze image sets, we can build that too.”

When Russ first came on board, Blink…


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