BlitzPredict Weekly Update: May 20, 2019

2 min readMay 20, 2019


We are back with our latest weekly update! Last week, we worked on data processing and analytics, increased our loading speeds, and began the process of implementing a more robust sports data feed. We were also at the ICE North America and NYC Blockchain Week conferences and enjoyed making connections there.

Augur’s v2 timeline is coming into focus, which lines up well with our internal roadmap for launching on mainnet. We are looking forward to v2, as it will enable stablecoin betting, faster market resolution times, market referral fees, and much more. We are also excited about 0x Mesh, which will enable networked liquidity, allowing for Augur markets to be traded at instant speed without being siloed off into separate orderbooks.

We are looking forward to continuing to build on these protocols and working together to build a more efficient marketplace. We envision one global orderbook for each market instead of the current walled-off approach, where serious bettors and operators spend tremendous energy on cat-and-mouse battles and recreational bettors are taken advantage of.

Being a good actor and a positive contributor to the ecosystem is an important part of our ethos — the collaborative environment that blockchain technology enables will allow for the reshaping of entire markets and financial systems. We are happy to play our role in the development of these systems and we are looking forward to the future!

LaJeesh_Picks sits atop our leaderboard with ten days left in the month! Reach out if you would like to join our leaderboard and record your predictions to the Ethereum blockchain. This will be a busy week for our podcast, as we have shows planned around soccer, NHL, NBA, and Sunday Night Baseball. Make sure to follow the BlitzPod on Podbean, Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading and make sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, and Blockfolio. Thanks for the support!

Brett Richey