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The volume of partners and clients developing new solutions and campaigns with Vatoms is growing by leaps and bounds. This is driving a rapid increase in the number of users and unique Vatoms in circulation. As the number of Vatoms scaled (in March we reported the 10 millionth Vatom in production) the demand for trading Vatoms among users has also increased. To that end, we have enabled the API’s for 3rd parties to easily create trading platforms for Vatoms.

This month, we are pleased to announce the beta release of Vatom. Exchange, a highly engaging and convenient barter system for…

On March 5th Vatom number 10 million was emitted on the BLOCKv platform. This was a historic moment for the company and sector, and is clearly just the beginning. The demand from companies, brands and developers to leverage the power of Vatoms is growing exponentially. We anticipate the amount of time to the next 10 million emitted will be a fraction of this milestone and will continue to accelerate.

The lucky recipient of Vatom number 10 million received a one-of-a-kind keepsake Vatom that marks the milestone. Congratulations to the team, partners and users who made this exciting achievement possible.

If you’re a major retailer, you’re aware of the importance of engaging with your customers on multiple channels — online review sites, in-store, mobile apps, social media, and beyond. Research has shown that customers who use multiple channels feel knowledgeable and ready to purchase. In the apparel, home, and electrical sectors they spend 82% more than customers who use only one channel.

However, even the biggest brands still struggle to create a truly unified experience for customers across these channels because they’re still, inherently, disparate. Each channel has its own systems, rules, and requirements. Online stores may function with inventory…

Hundreds of Vatomic butterflies were released at NRF 2019 to demonstrate how networked digital objects, gamified and running on blockchain, can dramatically change the way retail brands engage with their customers.

By all accounts, our technology showcase for over 32,000 retail professionals was an overwhelming success:

1,300+ digital butterflies and branded objects holding prizes were released at NRF. This represents the first public showcase of BLOCKV’s powerful, one-of-a-kind object “brain” functionality, the latest addition to the rapidly advancing BLOCKv platform.

Participating brands: Salesforce, AT&T, Cisco, HP, Dell VMware, Lyft, Pepsi, GE, Toshiba, NCR, Reliant, Advantech, Zivelo & Hikvision, all created Vatoms used to drive awareness and traffic. This was a watershed moment for the history of blockchain, when so many household names deployed experiential non-fungible tokens into production for public consumption. …

By Eric Pulier, Co-Founder Project NGAGE

This piece is intended to educate you about the capabilities of digital objects on the blockchain for promotional marketing within retail.

A blockchain allows for transactions to be immutably recorded in a decentralized ledger. Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain that powers it are inseparable, but the concept of a blockchain has implications far beyond its initial use with bitcoin. As 2019 dawns, it is increasingly clear that blockchain has the potential to drive the future of digital engagement.

On a blockchain, data associated with each interaction is recorded chronologically and time-stamped. This information is available publicly, functioning as a verifiable…

From all of us at BLOCKv, we wish you a Happy New Year.

As our attention turns to 2019, the team at BLOCKv is excited to unveil the progress we are making in expanding our platform and technology solutions across key industries such as retail, advertising & marketing, and gaming. The hard work of our technology and partner team will come to fruition in early January with the launch of a strategic alliance between BLOCKv and one of the world’s leading technology companies, Intel, along with the announcement of a new partner to the BLOCKv ecosystem.

This edition of the BLOCKv monthly Newsletter features an overview of progress made with the release of the platform on October 1st, a November recap and a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

In a recent Forbes article, Gerald Fenech cites the massive opportunity for blockchain technology companies entering into the $200 billion collectables market — Forbes article. In a recent interview, William Quigley, founder and CEO of WAX, spoke to the $100 billion in-game purchase marketplace for weapons and skins — digital objects. He boasts of the skyrocketing volume of trading and transactions on the WAX exchange.


This week in London, InCrowd, the multi-award winning sports engagement agency, hosted their annual Conference, held at Lord’s Cricket Ground, the home of English Cricket. The impressive JP Morgan Media Centre hosted 70 of Europe’s top sports technologists and business leaders with presentations from leading thinkers in the field of fan engagement including Formula One, Sky TV and BLOCKv.

BLOCKv’s Head of Partnerships, Jon Knight, gave a very well received talk on the basics of blockchain technology and its application to the sports industry, as well as how BLOCKv is enabling the sports and entertainment with Dynamic Digital Objects called…

New team members, new partners, new projects.

Brett Loney, Product Marketing Director

BLOCKCON 2018 .:. Brett Loney, Product Marketer | Reeve Collins, CEO | Michael Dobak, CMO

BLOCKv welcomes our new Director of Product Marketing, Brett Loney. Brett is a seasoned product and digital marketing leader with a track record of defining product vision, executing marketing strategy, launching products, achieving lead generation goals and growing revenue in fast-paced technology environments. He has managed over $50 million in online media for a variety of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500. Brett led paid social for Target Corp, and acquisition efforts for Cartwheel, Target’s first digital product team and internal startup. The Cartwheel app achieved, and…

Last week over 400,000 electronic dance music industry members and fans converged on Amsterdam for the annual ADE expo ( The expo featured over a thousand different events, conference presentations and panel interviews with leading DJs and promoters, along with numerous live gigs and parties around the the city of Amsterdam.

Grammy-award nominated DJ Sasha, Dutch festival promoters Free Your Mind and Grolsch Brewery teamed together with BLOCKv to provide fans and ticket holders a glimpse of the future of ticketing.


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