BLOCKv Bounty Program

Oct 4, 2017 · 5 min read

With the start of the BLOCKv Project Token Generation Event (TGE) only days away, our team has been delighted with the support we have received from the community so far. Since we are true believers in a decentralized economy, everybody can become a stakeholder!

Our Token Generation Event Starts on October 19th 2017

We want to give our early supporters the opportunity to get involved. We have set aside 2,500,000 VEE (or a minimum of $50,000 as the price of VEE is still undetermined) of the total TGE, for several bounties, which we will distribute to everyone who supports the BLOCKv Project before and during the event.

If we reach the following social goals, we will increase our bounty pool by 50% to 3,750,000 VEE (or a minimum of $75,000)! Please help us get this additional reach and you will ALL reap the rewards. If we can hit these goals mid-campaign, we may have time to increase our bounty pool again!

Goals to increase bonus pool to 3,750,000 VEE (Min $75,000)

** 1,000 Medium followers

** 2,500 Telegram members

** 3,000 Twitter followers

** 3,000 Facebook followers


You may only register for each pool ONCE. We reserve the right to disqualify or withhold bounty payouts to any member we suspect of attempting to cheat or exploit any of the rules as written below. We also have zero tolerance for spam, cheating, or abuse.

Bounty pools will be awarded on a pro rata basis across all members who achieve the goals described. That means if only one member successfully completes the goals within this bounty pool, they will receive the entire bounty pool. If one hundred members complete the goals, they will split the pool depending on the number of stakes they have accrued.

The campaign will end at October 23th at 8:00PM PST or when when we generate our cap. We will distribute all the bounties within 30 days of the end of the TGE.

Since the total number of bounty campaign participants is still unknown, the distribution of VEE will be based on a predetermined amount allocated to each group listed below.

Twitter — 500,000 VEE (min $10,000)

Join the BLOCKv Twitter Bounty Program Here

Never miss any of our updates! Follow us on Twitter for our latest insights and retweet our news to your group, friends and followers.

Bounty Rewards

For every retweet or mention, you will get:

  • 10 stakes for between 100 and 300 followers on your Twitter account
  • 30 stakes for 301–1,000 followers on your Twitter account
  • 50 stakes for 1,000 or more followers on your Twitter account

To determine your Twitter bounty stakes, BLOCKv needs permission to review your timeline posts. No personal data will be stored or shared with third parties.

This bounty program will close when either the BLOCKv TGE has ended or the cap has been reached.

Account requirements: Your recent Twitter audit must be over 80% and the majority of followers should be crypto orientated.

Facebook — 500,000 VEE (min $10,000)

Join the BLOCKv Facebook Bounty Program Here

We will post blogs, news articles, insights and updates about BLOCKv and the upcoming TGE on our Facebook page. Every like counts, so be sure to join in to get your share of our

Facebook Bounty

You must first ‘Like’ our Facebook Page for your stakes to count.

Bounty Rewards

  • Every post ‘like’: 10 stakes
  • Every comment (at least 30 characters per comment): 20 stakes
  • Public share of any post: 30 stakes (this must be the “share now” or “share to friends” function)

We will randomly select 10 bounty participants and check their “sharing” type. If their share is “private”, “single person” or any other, the participant in question will not receive any bounty rewards.

To determine your Facebook bounty stakes, BLOCKv needs permission to review your Timeline posts. No personal data will be stored or shared with third parties.

This bounty program will close when either the BLOCKv TGE has ended or the cap has been reached.

Telegram 500,000 — VEE (min $10,000)

Join the BLOCKv Telegram Bounty Program Here

Bounty Rewards

  • Join the BLOCKv Telegram: 10 stakes
  • For each relevant post pertaining to the TGE: 10 stakes
  • Answering a legitimate question regarding the TGE: 20 stakes

Blog posts about the BLOCKv TGE — 1,000,000 VEE (min $20,000)

Join the BLOCKv Medium Bounty Program Here

There is a lot of opportunity in this pool so we have made it twice the size.

Bounty Rewards

  • Follow us on Medium: 5 stakes
  • Recommend (clap) 5 posts: 10 stakes
  • Recommend (clap) 10 posts: 30 stakes

You may also write content for us and earn stakes. In order to qualify for a bounty, the blog post or news article:

  • Must be written in English
  • Must contain only unique content and written in your own words, copying other’s content from the web is not allowed, if your article found as copied/stolen you will be blacklisted from this program.
  • Must be publicly accessible
  • Must be 500 words or more
  • Must contain at least 2 links to
  • Your Blog or website must be crypto related.
  • You must add a link to your Bitcointalk Profile into your article’s bottom as a proof of ownership. (without it you’ll not be accepted)

Once you have written your blog post, submit the URL to:

All the blogs provided will be divided into three quality categories in order to reward those participants who invested the most effort into their blogs:

Basic = 50 stakes

Medium = 75 stakes

Extraordinary = 100 stakes

If a blog/article mentions anything about our crowdsale, the following disclaimer must be used:

“Disclaimer: Please be aware of the fact, that a Contribution within the TGE (Token Generation Event) is not a form of investment, but a Contribution into a Smart Contract System for the generation VEE. VEE are only for use in connection with the BLOCKv Project under the terms of the Smart Contract System and only constitute a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the Smart Contract System. Ownership of VEE carries no rights express or implied other than a limited right (license), which enables the creation and consumption of virtual goods and the utilization of the BLOCKv Platform, if and to the extent the BLOCKv Project has been successfully completed and launched. In particular, Participants in the TGE understand and accept that VEE do not represent or constitute any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights nor any right to receive future revenues, shares or any other form of participation or governance right in or relating to the BLOCKv Project and/or BLOCKv AG.”

This bounty program will close when either the BLOCKv TGE has ended or the cap has been reached.


The minimum bounty pool to be distributed is 2,500,000 VEE tokens with the potential for a 50% bonus totaling 3,750,000 VEE. Following the crowdsale, all stakes data will be calculated and bounties distributed to participants ETH wallets.

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