How to Participate in the Varyon ICO

Varyon by Blue Frontiers is the cryptocurrency for seasteads. The presale is open now until July 14 with bonuses from 5% to 15%. To learn about the Varyon ICO and read the whitepaper visit

Step 1: Set up your ETH wallet

This needs to be a wallet that you control the private keys to, not a wallet on an exchange.

Step 2: Buy ETH and send it to your wallet

Step 3: Sign up for the ICO

Enter your email and click Participate.

Enter your information on the following page and click Register.

Step 4: Enter your ETH address.

The public ETH address you created in Step 1 and sent ETH to in Step 2.

Step 5: Select the supported currency you want to use (ETH if you followed the previous steps of this guide) so you can send funds to our address as shown. You can continue to send more funds at any time until the presale closes. All funds sent will be aggregated at the end of the presale to calculate your bonus VAR.

The presale is for pledges above 1 ETH equivalent. The bonus structure is as follows:

1–10 ETH : 5% Bonus

10–40 ETH : 10% Bonus

40+ ETH : 15% Bonus

If you’re using MyEtherWallet, log in and go to Send Ether & Tokens.

Access your wallet using your Keystore File or Private Key as done previously. It will then bring you to this screen:

In the ‘To Address’ field, put the address displayed on the Varyon website pledge page. Do not send to any address posted in Telegram, blog articles or given to you from other sources.

In the Amount to Send, put the amount of ETH you’d like to send to purchase VAR.

To ensure the transaction completes, please set the max gas setting to at least 25,000 if your wallet has set it lower. If lower, the transaction may fail and the funds won’t be transferred.

Once you’ve put in the correct information, click ‘Generate Transaction’ and hit ‘Confirm’ when the window pops up.

Congratulations! You have successfully participated in the Varyon ICO.

No Varyon will be sent out to wallets until we reach our soft cap of 4000 ETH. Once we reach the soft cap the Varyon will be sent out in phases, so you can expect to see it within a few weeks.

To participate, visit

Please enjoy the Varyon video: