These are my three steps how I embraced the new Medium logo.

Before I tell my story you should know these facts:

  • I believe in the mission of Medium.

1. Deny

Alarm clock. Red slippers. Filter coffee.

App Store. Updates. Update all.

And then a silent wtf!?

That was my first opinion about the new Medium logo.

2. Do

I have different methods how I embrace the continuous change in my life for example sunrise meditation, daily design and sunset running.

It is always good to remember myself that I became a designer because this is the way how I can solve a problem or convert into an opportunity.

So I rescheduled my meetings, tasks and I gave myself 5 hours:

  • 2 hours Moleskine

The colors and the typeface of the new logo made me satisfied so I do not deal with them.

I just concentrate to the shape and I create three levels of meaning from concrete to abstract.

Image for post
Image for post
M-character, pen and book

First level:

  • M-character – symbol of Medium

Second level:

  • pen – symbol of writing
Image for post
Image for post
origami, bird and hourglass

Third level:

  • origami – symbol of changing

Final version.

Image for post
Image for post
Medium logo concept

App icons.

Image for post
Image for post
watchOS, iOS and Android

What do you think about it?

3. Accept

I pushed the publish button, make another cup of coffee and read some of my bookmarks.

What a beautiful day, thank you Medium! :)


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