Finding Legitimate Paid Writing Work: A Comprehensive Guide

Bonny Albo
23 min readApr 16, 2023

Tired of getting scammed by the promise of paid writing work? So am I.

After my initial foray into Medium (see: Yes, IAPWE is a Scam. Here’s How It Works), I’ve been inundated with emails, LinkedIn messages and friend requests, all asking the same thing:

How do I find legitimate, paid writing work?

So, this article is an attempt to answer that question, in the best way I know how:

In a loooong, long article, explaining every single step, including the last one (i.e. making consistent good money as a writer).

TL;DR There is no short answer.

The market isn’t what it used to be (insert any date range here), a flood of writers have emerged since the pandemic started, and there’s no shortage of TikTok or LinkedIn ‘experts’ telling you financial freedom is just a social media posting away.

(They’re wrong, by the way).

In many up-and-coming work realms, you can start a consulting business using social media as the catalyst. We’re talking things like data science, cybersecurity, engineering, even financial advisors.

What do all these things have in common?

There isn’t a glut of folks available who can perform these skills well, and who also have the entrepreneurship bug.

Writers, well… I’m sorry to say, but anyone can call themselves a writer.



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