Breathe J.

The Cop And The Civilian

This is a photograph of a cop and a civilian praying together. Photo Credits: CNN (

The Cop And The Civilian

The cop and the civilian;

Seems like different

Worlds they’re living in.

Unity seems a million miles away,

As both fear for their

Lives every day.

As a car pulls over,

The cop is in danger

Of taking a bullet

And succumbing

To the dreaded pistol’s sound.

The civilian is in danger

Of being suffocated on the ground.

Both people just want

To witness justice being served

Without anyone getting hurt.

The cop fights to save

And protect their community,

While the civilian fights

To restore unity.

Some people try to speak up

Through peaceful protests;

Others try to scream through

Fierce riots and civil unrest.

The world is breaking

At the hands of division.

Where is the harmony

That we’re all trying to envision?

The cop and the civilian:

Both people awaiting

To see this world heal within…



Breathe J.

Breathe J.

Hey. My name is Breathe. I love God, my family, and learning about the law and criminal justice system. I'm planning on going into law enforcement soon.