An Overview of Introductory Resources (August 2020)

[Note: this article is also available as a downloadable PDF. It was co-written with Kaliya-IdentityWoman.]

There is no one single (or even central) place where decentralized identity technologies are being created. It is decentralized in its processes as well as its topography. Learning the “lay of the land” entails bouncing around a network more than surveying a city from a high vantage point. But that’s ok! We recommend starting from the least familiar of these links and bouncing around, rather than reading start to finish.

Photo by Benjamin Elliot

—Video Introductions to SSI

Highlights, videos, and links

To the 100+ attendees who came, thank you for joining us at the DIF F2F Virtual Community meeting last week. For everyone else reading this, thank you as well, and we hope that if you find something interesting below, you’ll feel welcome to our future events, working groups, and conversations.

Highlights, videos and links from the DIF Virtual Face-to-Face, 6/16/2020

🎉 During the 5+ hours, we spent together over zoom, we discussed ethics, technology, community, and collaboration. We heard from current DIF members, newcomers to the decentralized identity space, and DIF-curious veterans curious what our working groups have been up to. …

(An early version of this essay appears on my personal blog.)


To kick off the Fair Housing Berlin blog (editor’s note — this later became the Domi Labs blog!), I wanted to write about two legal developments of crucial interest to our project, and to the world of tech and business generally. First, a maverick Republican senator threatened to pull the plug on the legal statute that made social media a liability-free zone in the otherwise hyperbolically litigious United States. Second, AirBNB asked the EU to write an analogous statute that would protect them from two growing backlashes (popular and…

An optimistic introduction to what could come after the total sovereignty of the VC-funded cycle of disruptions and consolidations

Various new kinds of software, we are endlessly being told, are the Next Big Thing, just about to disrupt like a volcano of New e-Things that will certainly upend all of the things in the next X years. After you’ve read enough in this genre, it turns into a guessing game: will they put X at 5 years, or 9, or 7? You can usually tell by the adjectives in the first three sentences, as the rhetoric is at best overblown…


Identity technologist tracking decentralized identity standards; editor of public-facing materials for D.I.F.; man about many towns;; he/him

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