Here’s how the new Facebook cryptocurrency could change the way millions of people buy online.

To understand the reasons that led Facebook to give birth to its own cryptocurrency, we need to start from what is nowadays called the WeChat playbook, which is based on three very simple principles:

1. Make it attractive for users to bring their money into their messaging apps (or, more generally, the place where people spend most of their time).

2. Simplify the way people move their money around.

3. Create more and more reasons to make sure that money is kept within those apps…

Here is a description of how the referral program (Rewards) works for our SaaS product Callbell.

Intro: what is Callbell?

Callbell is a SaaS platform for customer communication via Direct Messaging Apps. Callbell helps B2C businesses to better serve their customers through their favorite channels, including Whatsapp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram. Thanks to an easy to set-up messaging platform and a customizable website widget, Callbell centralizes all communications in one single place, helping CS and Sales teams to connect to customers across channels.

Callbell‘s Rewards program allows each user to earn commissions every time a new user…

After almost 4 months since the first time we came out with the idea of bulding Callbell, I’d like to share some thoughts on what we have been through in the very early days of our first start-up

It was September 12, 2018 when Gianluca and I found ourselves in a Parisian bar called l‘Abribus to reflect on some ideas we could build together.

I had just returned to Paris from the summer holidays, I had left my full-time job for about a month and, although I was convinced I wanted to start a project, I had no clear ideas about what I could work on during the following months 😰.

Before the summer, I had proposed to Gianluca an idea about a software that could help hotels boost direct bookings, reducing the ones coming from OTAs…

In August 2018, Facebook announced the launch of WhatsApp Business API: let’s understand what will change in 2019.

An official date has not yet been released, but it looks like that from the beginning of 2019, WhatsApp will finally open up to the “general public” of companies that will want to manage the interaction and communication with their customers in a structured way, through the most widespread messaging app in the world.

Already from September 2018, WhatsApp has granted to 90 pre-selected companies, including, …

Carlo Morandi

Co-founder @Callbell, former @SendinBlue and @TeamleaderCRM

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