Free Your Inbox gets a new name!

Benjamin Caron

By Benjamin Caron, CEO, and co-founder of Neety, formerly Free Your Inbox. Ce poste est également disponible en français ici.

The Free Your Inbox journey

When I started the Free Your Inbox journey, I picked a name in 10 minutes! I was presenting to one hundred persons the idea of a 1 click unsubscribe service for the first time. I had no idea at all it would become one day something real.

Why do we change?

Free Your Inbox is a good name but not an excellent one. It is long, not easy to remember and hard to understand for people who do not speak English. We always have to spell it and explain its meaning.

We were talking about changing for a few months. It was not a priority but still. Two recent events made us change quicker than planned :

  • We are launching a brand new version of our service.
  • We were noticed by Free SAS, the French telecom operator to stop using the brand name Free Your Inbox as it causes them important prejudices :)

To us our activity can not mislead people with the one Free practices. Free is a well-known telecom operator and everybody knows what they do. We can not fight against an Internet giant, nor we want to do so. We prefer to focus on delivering our customers a service they love to use.

Call us Neety

We gathered our team to find a new name. After a few hours we came up with Neety. We all loved it instantly!

Neety is the right pick for us for several reasons. We wanted something short, easily memorizable in every language and with some meaning. I mean we wanted something that helps people to understand what we were doing.

Any other changes?

Excepting our name change and our revisited app which you can access at, everything stays the same. Our desire to help you regain control over your inbox is intact. We are the same team still crafting a service we want as useful as possible. Only one thing will change, you will now be able to say our name without our help 😁

Neety yours !


P.S: Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know more about Neety or if you want to talk about the weather.

Benjamin Caron

Written by

Founder at @neetyapp mostly doing some computer to help internet users fighting email overload 👉 #frenchtech

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