APPLY here to help ‘Connect Refugees’ and enter the Creative Conscience Awards 2017

Cause2Create and Young Creative Council have teamed up with Creative Conscience to provide a brief for their 2017 Awards, which encourage, recognise and reward the fantastic creative talent of students and graduates.

We want you to help us develop solutions that will provide support to people affected by one of the biggest crisis we have seen in recent years — the global refugee crisis.

The Theme - Connectedness.

Our lives evolve around connectedness: to family, friends, people in our lives, pets, the places we know, the things in we own, our routines, our daily lives. Disrupting any of these connections can make us feel withdrawn and emotional, it can be heart-breaking.

When someone becomes a refugee, they lose connections to many parts of their lives at once — away from home, from everything familiar, and in many cases from anyone they knew before.

“How can creativity improve connectedness to help people who are refugees?”
Watch our 2 minute briefing video to find out the essentials

Interested? Then think about how you might be trying to connect people: to family or loved ones back home, to people around them in temporary surroundings, or to new cultures and ways of life when they finally arrive — but often alone and disconnected to this new way of life.

Responding to the brief

Ideas can cover a wide spectrum of creativity including: Advertising, animation, illustration, architecture, engineering, interior design, fashion & textiles, film & photography, graphics, service design or structural & product design. Wherever your creative skills lie, there’s something you can do to help.

Entries are through an online application with an open format. Many applicants chose to submit a video of their idea or pitch, but stills, photographs, storyboards, documents and sketches are also common.

There is a £10 admin fee on entry of each project. The competition is open to full or part-time creative students or graduates (<2 years) that have enrolled on a recognised undergraduate, postgraduate or higher education course.

Closing date for entries is the 20th April 2017.

If your are planning to enter you should…

Watch our ‘Meet The Experts’ panel and find out: the challenges that refugees face, the factors you should consider when developing solutions, and what we are looking for in a winning entry.

Download a pdf version of the brief HERE which includes a signposting document to help you research your ideas.

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