NBAI Token Sale Instructions

A step-by-step guide on how to purchase NBAI tokens


Only people who are whitelisted and passed KYC are eligible to participate in Nebula AI’s token sale.

For KYC Approved Users

1. Enter Token Sale Site

2. Login to your account

3. Review Whitelist Details and Verify Smart Contract


4. Verify NABI’s Token Smart Contract

To protect you from being scammed, before sending us ETH, please make sure you have verified our NBAI’s token smart contract address against 2 or 3 of the following sources:

Nebula AI Twitter Account:

Nebula AI Telegram Announcement Channel:

Nebula AI Blog:

5. Send ETH Contribution

After you have verified the smart contract address, you can send your ETH contribution. You would need to go to your own wallet to send your ETH. You are allowed to contribute multiple times as long as the total is within the cap.

Below is an example of using MyEtherWallet. (Different wallet may vary in terms of process)

Contract Address: 0x83c451371EF470D206cf011405D89f6ccb0e915e

Gas Price: 3 gwei.

Gas Limit: 500,000

Make sure the followings otherwise your contribution won’t be accepted:

  • It’s under your contribution period
  • It’s from your registered wallet address
  • The amount sent is within the amount that you are allowed in the current period

6. Check Contribution Status

Repeat step 1–4 and reach the whitelist details page. Your contribution should be updated under “Your total NBAI tokens purchased so far” in minutes.

For new conctibutors

  1. Sign up at
  2. You will get a confirm email for the KYC process.
  3. Complete the KYC, and waiting for review. It may take up to 6 hours to be reviewed.
  4. Once you received a KYC approval email, you can contribute ETH to our smart contract immediately.
  5. Follow the session: For KYC Approved Users

For any token sale related questions, please send your email to or join the telegram group here:

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