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World of prototyping tools is on fire right now. There are so many different apps and possibilities that you can’t ignore it any more.

Companies outdo each other in creating features that will make it even easier to show rather than tell. You know that case. You’re trying to explain something with words but realizing that it’s so much easier to sketch your ideas on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. It saves your time and simplifies your message. That’s prototyping.

Or imagine another scenario. You are into pottery and you want to create a new type of watering can. It’s wise to check your idea in a smaller scale with friends using a rapidly made model. That’s also a prototyping. …

As a designer you are not an inventor. You are a messenger.

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As a designer you bear a great responsibility. You create an ecosystem where people develop their new habits, where they learn, express themselves, find love or invest money. You simply can not lie to them.

Design is a mission

We like to think that our work matters, when it does we are fulfilled. But did you ever wonder who it matters to? Who actually benefits from results of your work? Better UX, you say, equals more satisfied users. Sure, no doubts.

But why user should stay longer on a site or convert into paid account easier with this flashy orange button? Are there any reasons other than yours or your client’s financial goals? What makes the product you’ve designed better than the others? …

Case study: KnowledgeOwl


KnowledgeOwl is a knowledge base software based in United States. It is a well prospering SaaS business with a fairly big number of users. After UCDC workshop which we always conduct on the beginning of every ongoing relationship with client, we extracted a core users. They are mainly: project managers, teachers, customer support managers, HR managers and developers. All of them have a one thing in common: a need for creating a safe and permanent base for keeping their knowledge, materials, tutorials or manuals in one place. And KnowledgeOwl makes it simple. They have countless features, fantastic customer support and the ability to listen carefully to their users. …

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With UCDC you can.

SaaS business sometimes can be a shitty place. It’s like a big swamp where only the strongest can manage to stay on the surface. And we know that everyone, definitely everyone is afraid of being sucked in. Including you. Because being sucked in, sucks! It means that your business is out and you lose. And nobody likes to lose.

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My mother is a dear woman, but all these new technologies are black magic for her.

Recently I quit my first big job. I worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency. But over time, I realized that I needed a change. Suddenly, UX design started looming on the horizon. I read about it obsessively, talk about it and learned a lot. It’s hard to start on a new career path, but I was determined.

Now, I have a new job, here at The Rectangles. I am a UX designer.
But my Mom has no idea what I’m doing.

In this part you can find user flow, wireframes and a little bit of frustration.

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I recently started my first project on a mobile app. Here you can find the first part.

The second part will be short but intense. I created Steve’s persona and made some research. Now, it’s time to do some actual work.

Site maps

I had to create a structure for an app. So after few hours of work I managed to set up the placement of features inside the app.

In this part I get my first commission. I mean, I came up with it.

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So, according to my plan (if you are new here, read this first to know what’s going on), I’m starting my first big UX project. I will try to complete the entire spectrum of work and conduct the design process the best I can. I will share with you all stages of the project, starting today.

My client

It’s a startup running business here in Poland. A small group of people who want to make a mark in the world. They wish to create an app for 360° photos. …

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I’m not gonna lie, I’m confused. In the beginning everything is chaotic, overwhelming, there is too much informations to process. So I need a plan.

As always, there are two separate but simultaneous ways for learning almost anything in life: theory and practice.

I’m already reading a lot about UX designing, usability testing etc. here in Medium, but also in books and blogs. I attend User Experience Design classes at my university as well. All this gives me a decent dose of theory and it’s all fine, but I have to act.

So, I was wondering, what is the most important element of this puzzle, what is essential. What will provide me with a solid foundation on which I can build my experience. …

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I might have a solution…

Do you know a podcast show called StartUp? If not, you should definitely check it out here — it’s great! They created a podcast series about starting a podcast company. It’s very meta, I know.
But what struck me the most was a total honesty and sincerity of the process, the host, the storytelling. They shared every failure, all the ups and downs with their audience.

My favourite part is when the host Alex Blumberg tries to pitch an idea to Chris Sacca – a fulltime venture investor, mumbling, with a trembling, uncertain voice. He left this part completely unedited, it was raw, embarrassing, but brilliant at the same time. For them to learn from mistakes and draw conclusions, for us to see, how difficult it is to start your own business and to became someone else. …


Cezary Ołowski

Let’s make web great again ⟶

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